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Smile for the Camera, Apple’s new face ID is leaving you vulnerable!


             Like any other technology Apple’s iPhone is not perfect. The new phone is leaving users vulnerable to hacking that could prove to be disastrous considering Apple’s new face ID technology.  Face ID allows users to unlock their phones by simply looking at there phone. Some consumers are worried about these phones being hacked and their picture’s and data being stolen. Even worse some consumers believe Apple could take this data and sell it to third party businesses. The new face ID could give hackers,and third party businesses a face to put to all of the valuable data taken from an iPhone. If such a scandal ever occurred it could cause consumer trust in Apple to plummet. Such an event could cause consumers to turn to Apple’s competitors who they determine to be safer.

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  • It’s difficult to measure the damage that a cyber crisis can inflict, especially given the impact of cyber-security risks have a large range based on a number of variables. This has led many corporations, and consumers, to pursue lower levels of cyber security; not understanding the risks that they take on. As cyber-security concerns are on the rise, noting the recent Equifax breach, consumers are more worried than ever for the security of their personal information. With more personal information being stored on mobile devices and the Cloud, companies such as Apple will need to take serious steps in order to keep their customer’s trust and prevent major cyber-security breaches. If measurement is the reduction of uncertainty, then many digital-based companies will have to redefine how the cyber-risks are measured to reduce the uncertainty of their customers.

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