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Face-reading AI will be able to detect your politics and IQ

Facebook is working on a feature which allows a user to unlock the account and verify identity with a facial recognition. But, do we really shouldn’t be alarmed the privacy of Face ID which related to biometric data? From Dr Michal Kosinski’s article points that “AI will be able to determine people’s political leaning and IQ based on looking at people’s face”. Face-reading AI is able to infer people’s personal information and private data. For example, AI computer program can process amount of people’s online photos from a dating application in order to identify people’s sexual orientation. I think it sounds dangerous for a privacy direction. However, it can help to identify criminals and non-criminals by using facial scans. Relating to class intention, IT creates value when it supports achieving business outcomes. In order to preserve data breach risk, Facebook may need to invest more on company’s monitor. It could define a large project within medium and high risk because clients aren’t quite sure about back-end data privacy protection feature.

Will you use the face-reading feature on your Facebook? In your experience, how do you protect your personal information?



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