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How Important is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)?

Companies like IBM and Microsoft have invested billions into their artificial intelligence (A.I.) sector the past few years.  Most companies have investments in AI due to the beneficial impact it has on the customers and the industry. IBM has refocused their strategy for the future to focus on AI. IBM is completely transforming away from hardware and into software, which includes the cloud, AI, and other advanced technologies (Forbes). Additionally, for IBM – they have their eyes set on Watson(AI) to end programming – they would not have to program the data it receives, instead Watson would look at the data, understand, reason over it, and continue to learn (Forbes). Understand, reason and learn, not program (Forbes). Investing in AI allows your company to turn corporate data into useful insights. Along with other technological advances, AI will continue to present itself as a front-runner for companies to invest heavily in this sector if they would like to compete in their industry. What are your thoughts on artificial intelligence – is this something that ALL companies should focus on?

One Response to How Important is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)?

  • Many technology companies are working on their own AI services. I don’t think all companies should invest in AI even though it is a very hot topic right now. High-tech companies could be a focus on AI investment once their information technology can bring a business outcome for a company. Obviously, investing AI technology will be very expensive. For example, Alibaba is the world’s largest e-commerce company. Alibaba is planning to invest $15 billion into developing a robotic logistics infrastructure. They invested distributable robots to help them to separate all online products into different city locations. But, machine learning gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed to analyze data. That means we do not really know how an intelligent system suggests certain decisions and not others.

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