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Is the iPhone 8/X worth it?


We all heard about the announcement of the highly anticipated iPhone X. The new features seem nice but let’s be honest, does the average user even use them? I am an iPhone 7 user and when I upgraded from the iPhone 5, I still never really used the new features. For the average phone user like me I only use my cell phone for the following; calls, text, and social media applications (Instagram, Snapchat). Looking at the bigger picture with smartphones, every new phone that is released is slightly better than its predecessor. Therefore, is it worth buying the new iPhone?Smartphones are already so advanced I am curious to know what else can be innovated to make a drastic change.


Any thoughts on what smartphones can possibly be like 10 years down the future?

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  • This is a great topic to debate. I, like yourself am a iPhone 7 user. I have been using the new features that IOS 11 included. For instance: screen capture, Venmo within messages, and especially the driving mode. The iPhone X has a huge hype behind it because as always the camera and processor improves, but like you said, is it enough to go out and buy one. The cost associated to the iPhone X I think is ridiculous but Apple can charge whatever they please because they know customers will buy it. And at the end of the day if we think we will never own a newer version of the iPhone we are all lying to ourselves. With technology always improving and advancing no millennial wants to fall behind on the movement.
    Within 10 years I can’t even imagine what the iPhone will look like or the features will be. They can have holographic keyboards, they will have the ability to control your entire home (which they are moving toward with the ‘Home’ application), and possibly some advancement may come out where the phone is needed at all. The smartphone market is incredible an the advancements will continue to amaze us all, but who know, maybe something eventually will come out supersede the smartphone years down the road.

  • As an Android user myself, maybe I can offer a perspective from the other side of the fence. I currently own the Galaxy S6, which does everything that I need it to do. Like you, Tony, I really only use my phone for calls, texts, web browsing, social media, and the occasional mobile game. Looking forward to the next few years, I really don’t anticipate my needs for a smartphone changing. I have always been a critic of the iPhone because of the lack of customization, the high price tag despite extremely minor upgrades, the nonremovable battery, and recently, the lack of an auxillary output. My opinions still remain. To reinforce these opinions, my coworker just bought the new iPhone 8 last week and said that the only notable difference from his iPhone 6s is the camera.

    As for the next 10 years, I see more advances in the processing power of smartphones, enhanced network connectivity, and more operating system customization. But I feel that the real advancements will be made in how they connect to other devices (i.e. televisions, computers, other cellphones, internet connected devices in your home), as well as accessories that enhance how users interact with their phones. These can include cases, additional screens, maybe even controllers for games.

    If I need to take professional photos, I’ll use my DSLR camera. If I need to design graphics, I’ll use my custom-built PC. If I need on-the-go document

  • I think about the latest technique with iPhone 8X is that using a facial recognition as Apple ID. A facial recognition ID may become a trend in the future smartphone market. After Apple released this new feature with its smartphone, I am assuming that Samsung, HTC, Google those smartphone brand will be added this technology in their future smartphone as well. Personally, I use Mi smartphone which is a smartphone brand in China. I usually use my cell phone for social media, text message, applications, camera and email. The reason that I do not use the iPhone because it is not highly customization. For the future smartphone tend, it maybe uses a virtual keyboard which means a keyboard of a smartphone can be projected on anywhere and anytime. The technology has used in few smartphone with a high-tech company but it was not for the market currently. Additionally, for a smartphone’s screen, it maybe uses a virtual screen which means that a cellphone’s screen can come up in front of people’s eyes in anywhere anytime. For example, it maybe relates with Apple’s watch which people can just simply press and a screen can come up. Besides, from a camera perspective, future smartphone maybe adds more powerful technique like what a professional camera does as well as with more clear pixel.

  • I think it depends on the user. Some people use their phones frequently for work and others just use it for calling and texting occasionally. Since I work in help-desk I rely on my phone a lot throughout the day. Mainly I use it to communicate with my coworkers, look up information that I don’t know, and manage tickets. I just purchased an 8 Plus after having a 6 Plus for the past ~3 years and I think it is a nice boost in speed that increases my productivity while I use my phone. I don’t think it is necessary to buy a new phone every year but in the end its your money and your decision.

  • I would also say I’m an average iPhone 7 user and I believe it is not worth it to buy the iPhone X but it depends on the person. For me I feel like it’s not worth it to switch to an iPhone X because the new features are not much of an upgrade from an iPhone 7. Photographers and individuals interested in taking higher quality photos may like to get the X but iPhones already have high quality pictures and I’m not sure how much better it could get. The Face ID may seem great but I believe that I wouldn’t want to use it because I feel like fingerprint unlocking is enough for me. I would get a new iPhone if they made major improvements, but I think there aren’t many more things that can be improved on since it seems like they are running out of ideas. In 10 years I thinks smartphones will be pretty like what they are now but there will be more wireless charging, waterproof phones, and hopefully screens that don’t break. For me iPhone 7’s are great so I will not switch until something is wrong with my current phone.

  • It really depends on the user I think. I am just like you I don’t use half of the features on my phone, but we still buy a newer phone every now and then. With all the updates, our phone’s chip gets slower because the updates are made for the newer models. As our phones get slower we just have to buy a new one. As mentioned, there hasn’t really been major changes with the new iPhone and for that reason, it isn’t very attractive in my opinion.
    In 10 years a lot will change, we could possibly not be using phones anymore.

  • It’s probably not worth to get the iPhone 8/X but it’s up to whoever that has money to blow. We all like to keep up with the hottest trends but this one is debatable. The change from the 7 isn’t all that drastic and to be honest, if you just use it for calls, texts, social media, and etc, the iPhone 7 is enough for that already. In 10 years, a lot can and will change but I hope the size of the phone won’t get any bigger.

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