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Snapchat Spectacles

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I was recently in LA visiting some friends and on a trip to Venice I stumbled across a store completely devoted to these new “Snapchat Spectacles”. I had never heard of such a thing and was completely taken back by the type of technology they had incorporated into a pair of basic sunglasses. I liked how TIME magazine started off their article about these by saying “you either get it or you don’t”, which I think is 100% accurate.

These glasses make it possible for snapchat users to take snapchats by utilizing the cameras within the glasses instead of using your physical phone. I’m curious to see if this trend is something that will take off in other industries such as GoPro, or at all.

I personally couldn’t see myself investing in a pair of these sunglasses specifically for the purpose of using a social media application but I could see how some people who are very involved in their social media may be intrigued by these.



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  • I actually have a couple of friends that invested in the spectacles and they both enjoy theirs, but don’t anticipate using it after a few months. One of them, who considers himself an avid content creator, made a video on YouTube highlighting his first day with them (see link 2). If you were thinking about grabbing one, now’s a good time because Snapchat has hundreds of thousands of unsold ones (see link 2). While I use the app almost daily, I mostly use it to watch other people’s snaps, not make my own.

    What really peaks my interest about Snapchat is that they are taking a step in a potentially lucrative market: wearable technology. I read in an article many months ago (I could not find the exact article) that Snapchat doesn’t consider themselves to be a social media company; rather a camera company. I think the Spectacles, and any future wearable products they create, will definitely drive that mission statement home.

  • I could see this type of technology being used regularly by athletes and outdoorsy people who want to give you a glimpse of their “adventures” . It’s very hard to capture some moments when you have to hold your phone while you’re trying to concentrate on the task at hand so this would be a great solution. Also people might feel more comfortable making content in public if they don’t have to hold their phone out for everyone to notice that they are making a snapchat lol.

  • Personally, I do not own a pair of Snapchat Spectacles and don’t know anyone that does either. I can see why people big in social media may want a pair of these glasses, but I don’t see why the average phone user would buy these glasses just Snapchat. I have also heard that the Snapchat Spectacles failed badly since it was rolled out. According to the article below, only 0.08% of Snapchat users bought the Snapchat Spectacles and hundreds of thousands of pairs are being wasted in inventory. Even if someone bought the glasses, the trend didn’t last long since data shows that less than 50% of buyers kept using them a month later. I believe GoPro or other companies may capitalize more on wearable technologies in the future but I don’t see why an average user would spend $129.99 for the Spectacles either.

  • This is definitely interesting. I do not own a pair of these however I can see the concept behind it. Instead of taking our your phone and opening Snapchat to take pictures or videos, you can just use this which I think in theory is useful. However, I personally would cannot see myself ever buying these.

  • This is a fun use of mobile computing tech and a brilliant marketing tactic. I am pro Spectacles

  • There is no doubt that the camera-equipped glasses is an interesting idea with a nice expectation of release people’s hands from recording impressive moments of life. However, I don’t think it is possible that I will want one of this pair because it looks not that useful for me. Particularly, I can imagine that it will make me looks weird if I take a sunglasses indoor / at night / underneath my prescription glasses. Also, as I knew, the Spectacles can just do video recording but not images, and only work with Snapchat. Last but not least, the selfies will be hard unless taking off the pair. So, I personally don’t think this fun tool will be a good investment for me.

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