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Police Cars in the Future Using AI

coban 2A new dashcam from Coban Technologies was announced last week that uses artificial intelligence to identify cars, people, and weapons. Sgt. Daniel Gomez, the leader of the LAPD tactical technology section, said that his department is testing one of the cameras and sees it being used for traffic stops and automatically identifying vehicles. He also says that the departments want to add facial recognition in the future if they’re allowed to since Coban Technologies plans on adding the feature in cameras anyway. This technology is concerning to those who feel like this is violating their privacy and the concept of police using facial recognition. I believe that it would be wrong for police to use facial recognition technology in their cameras because they could track and read any citizen even if they’re not doing anything wrong, although it could cut down crime. What is your opinion on these cameras using AI technology? Do you think this would cut down crime significantly enough since it would expensive to roll this technology out? What other artificial intelligence technologies do you think will come out soon?

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  • Not sure if you’ve seen the show, but this reminds me of the A.P.B. Fox Tv series (not much of a series because it got cancelled after one season lol). On the show it basically gets into a Tech CEO trying to take over a police district and implement his technologies into the police force. One of the main technologies highlighted on the show are the “tricked out” police cars that have dash cameras that enable facial and vehicle recognition. There are a bunch of other cool technologies like drones and armor that the officers use on the show that get you thinking if this could actually be beneficial and viable for police forces in real life.

  • I think that the cameras using AI technology would serve as a benefit to the police force. I could see how people may have an issue with it if they believe that it is somehow invading their privacy but I don’t think it is necessarily invading any privacy but instead would expedite the time that it takes for a police personnel to identify an individual and would increase the rate of correctly identifying people. I do not think that this would have any type of effect on crime but I view the cost as an expense that is either going to be taken care of now or a cost that is going to be need to taken into consideration in the future. In the future, especially with the way that technology is advancing, I believe that this type of technology will be implemented anyway, so by doing it now it is just slightly ahead of the curve.

  • Police cameras using AI can make the world a safer place. It does seem to violate privacy protocols but if it is making the world safe, is it a good tradeoff? Like you said, there are downsides and watching everyone all the time, innocent and guilty seems unethical and the police/Coban Technologies is collecting so much data on everyone all the time with this technology. This can be a useful technology with all the crimes and fear of terrorism in this country.

  • If the police starts to use AI technology enabled cameras, I don’t think I would have a problem with it. Like you said, yes it is concerning to those who feel that it will violate their privacy and whatnot but at the end of the day, it is making society safer. If a person hasn’t done anything wrong, then they have nothing to hide so they shouldn’t get too hung up on the fact of possibly “being watched by the police.”

  • It will be interesting to see how this will affect the crime statistics in areas where police use AI technology enabled cameras. I predict that crime will decrease because the cameras will act as a deterrence for criminals who are contemplating committing a criminal act. Overall, I believe that technology in the future will help make the world a safer place even though our privacy might be sacrificed. I think the debate between privacy lost and safety gained will determine the future of technology in our society.

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