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Benefits of Technology in Business

Technology is now the root of improvements and automated solutions. In small businesses technology has an obvious benefit of increasing productivity to lower structure costs and some other benefits that can help the bottom line grow. Technology has allowed businesses to come up with an automated process that helps increase revenue and reduce costs, which is all possible with improved speed, the ease of sharing and storing information and a decrease in human error.

Speed and time are the two major aspects for small businesses to consider when dealing with big businesses as competitors. Being a smaller company quickly is important and IT has made communication and data sharing simple. Thanks to IT smaller businesses have the competitive advantage of coming up with a decision faster. Storing data is now easier and more cost-efficient. Being able to buy the exact space needed and storing it virtually is both saves the business money and allows sharing files easier, faster and more secure. Finally, automation eliminates the need to hire an employee in some cases for smaller companies, which allows them to save labor cost and focus more on current goals and strategies.

How do you think IT is affecting businesses today? and Aside from business how has IT made your personal life easier or more manageable?



3 Responses to Benefits of Technology in Business

  • Small businesses also face cybersecurity threats. For example, one of a family’s legal business was hacked by using a fake email account in order to take client’s information and a hacker ask for ransom because of held client’s data. Small and midsize companies face a danger of data breaches. They should increase their awareness about how to protect themselves because of sometimes they think about data breach usually happen in a big company. Symantec which is a cybersecurity firm reported that 43 percent of cyber attacks in 2016 happened in a small company which employs less than 250 people. It would have cost hundreds of millions of dollars. But, IT also bring a humous positive trend such as emerging technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT). There is a prediction about more than 25 billion smart devices and machines will be connected to the internet until 2022. From my perspective, IT helps me collaborating with different people such as team members, professor, colleague. For example, our team use Google Drive, Groupme, OWL Box as well as MIS Community Site to share group contents and were able to cooperate with each other and built a team works together.

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  • IT has effected my personal life immensely in regards to school. For example, a lot of students use Google docs/slides to collaborate with students who are involved with a group project. With this feature, everyone can write content on one platform instead of sending numerous versions of documents to each other.

  • IT is vital to keeping up with competition in today’s business world, simply because the best companies do it well. IT enables organizations to have a central communication platform, document sharing, and so many other vital business functions. In today’s world there is an abundance of options for businesses to choose from in implementing IT for competitive advantage. In my own life, IT has played a huge role in my success academically. I have used Google Docs throughout high school and college when working with groups, or even just to backup my own personal files. I think the most important thing small businesses should consider more seriously is network security. When I worked with an IT vendor this past summer, we serviced many small to medium sized businesses in the area operating with legacy systems that compromised security of the network. Despite recommendations, the owners consistently seemed reluctant to invest in better systems. With data breaches becoming a more regular and serious problem for businesses, I expect this trend to change and for IT’s role in business to continue to grow.

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