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Kaspersky Looking for Trust

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Kaspersky Lab is a nationally popular cyber security company that has found large popularity for its top quality services and products. Recently however they were accused of having ties with the Russian government because of Russian laws that ‘could’ be used to take advantage of its usage in the US government. Accordingly the department of Homeland Security stopped all agencies from using any Kaspersky products. Kaspersky is denying all allegations and labels them as inaccurate assumptions.

From a crisis management perspective Kaspersky seems to be doing the right things here: immediate and swift response, creating their transparency centers to bring together plans on reviewing source code with a third party contractor, and working with stakeholders to further solidify future transparency plans and compliance. I myself have used Kaspersky products and, while I acknowledge and respect how they are responding, the accusations made bring a great deal of worry from a domestic customer standpoint. Do I have anything I wouldn’t want the Russian government to see? No, (not really..) but, the fact remains it really shakes consumers from wanting anything at all from them.

What do you guys think about the Kaspersky brand, will it ever recover? How else could Kaspersky prove its innocence, or is it even innocent?


4 Responses to Kaspersky Looking for Trust

  • I believe that consumer confidence in Kaspersky will not recover due to the unresolved political issues between Russia and the Trump administration. Despite all of the efforts that Kaspersky made in order to manage the crisis the fact that Russia is constantly in the news for its alleged collusion with Trump campaign will make it difficult for any company associated with Russia to recover. Time will tell whether Kaspersky is innocent or is guilty of working with the Russian government.

  • I’ve used Kaspersky for many years, and while the news doesn’t change my views on them very much it is will certainly for others. However, I do believe that it is possible for the brand to recover, however not while the Russian collusion investigations are being carried out. Kaspersky is doing as much as it can at this time, as right now any connection to Russia no matter who it is could be seen as suspicions. So I do not believe that this will end the Kaspersky brand, however it will hinder it for a while.

  • Im of the belief that like most crises, Kaspersky will be fine once the news settles. Kaspersky has long been a leader in this field and as John said, their issues are mostly highlighted by the ongoing issues between the current administration and Russia. Once this administration leaves things will begin to return to normal in terms of public trust. From a crisis management perspective they seem to be doing everything right, but I normally believe that if you truly aren’t guilty of something then you have nothing to hide and it shouldn’t be hard to prove your innocence. Time will tell if Kaspersky is really hiding something.

  • I think the long run Kaspersky will recover from this. One of the main reasons being is because, as you stated, of the immediate response to the accusations. In the short run, they will most likely see a decrease in sales, and after several months down the road, this will become background noise. I believe that consumers will regain trust and most likely even forget that this was an incident. And as John & Ben have mentioned, time will tell if Kaspersky is hiding anything – if so it will tarnish their reputation for a long time until they rebrand – if not, then they will have nothing to worry about in the long run and should focus on more short-term goals to remediate these accusations.

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