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Will adobe become better at editing photos than you?


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Adobe’s new software will utilize algorithms that use reference photos or drawings  in order to apply a similar look to your photos and drawings.  Another feature that Adobe is rolling out this year is automated colorization of black and white photos. The software  will analyze a scene and then apply color with accuracy. Overall these advancements will make amateur photographers and selfie takers lives a lot easier thanks to the new Adobe software.

8 Responses to Will adobe become better at editing photos than you?

  • Although I use Photostop, Illustrator, and/or Lightroom on an almost daily basis, I really don’t consider myself an expert at any of these tools. Being a web designer, I typically only use the tools for making minor edits/color corrections to photographs, resizing images to fit different frames on a website, and drawing basic icons to be used on a website. I find these new advancements a HUGE step forward for the beginner-intermediate skill levels, but I can’t imagine experts finding any use for it, as they’re already accustomed to their own processes.

  • As a Photographer my preferred software for photo editing is Photoshop, I find it a far superior tool compared to Lightroom. I use their content aware brush along with clone stamping quite often to remove unwanted objects or things out of my photographs. The content aware brush is automated and uses algorithms while clone stamping is manual. I am really curious to see the results with this new feature and how accurate they really are. However, in my experience a lot of the time I don’t like how the algorithms ‘fix’ my photos and I often have to do it manually. Even if I try to use the automated color correct feature I find it to be way off. Maybe I should update my software and checkout the new features, I’m currently running the version from 2015.

  • I personally don’t know much about photography editing programs or have any type of experience in this topic but I find this very interesting. I’ve always thought it was cool when people are able to connect some type of algorithm to a human sense. What Adobe is doing here is connecting algorithms to the human sight to create something that will appear better to the human eye. I’m very interested in seeing how these types of advancements within photography products changes the photography world as a whole.

  • This is a great idea for amateur photographers to learn about editing while everyday picture takers who are unsure how to edit photos will have it done for them. Editing photos is time consuming and millenials care about posting the perfectly editing picture, now they don’t have to worry about the editing aspect just posting for everyone to see. This Adobe software seems incredible and I excited to see this technology in use and test it out myself.

  • Adobe’s new feature will make graphic designers of all levels very happy. These new features will bring a whole new meaning to editing pictures whether it’s for social media or for work.

  • This is one of the coolest software I have heard in recent years. With the interactive deep learning technology of AI, Adobe brings the world into a new generation of images/portraits processing. I believe once this technology can be accessed, it will become an amazing option for people who want a professional effect of photo editing without photography skill requirement and time-consuming process. The software will allow people to have a convenience lives. However, my only concern about this technology is, if this images editing technology has been popularized, how people can keep trusting the authenticity of News/media when photos can be perfectly faked?

  • I do not have an abundance of experience with graphic design, or working with graphic design software, but I believe the technology is there to make anybody seem like a great artist or photographer. The things someone can do to an image in Photoshop is amazing, but at the same time a little scary. The power of digital editing software compromises the truth value of just about anything we see online. I do believe that technology within this field will continue to get stronger and will become more user-friendly. From what I understand about Photoshop right now, it’s very complex and hard to truly master, although most people can use it for basic editing purposes. The next big company will be the one that enables every user to edit like a professional with a simple interface.

  • Adobe has a great technical stack and they are constantly making great breakthroughs in terms of imaging, video, and voice/text based software. It is clear that they have moved into the new wave of technology, moving their software to a cloud-based model and also utilizing Amazon Web Services to run those applications. I am excited to see what Adobe does in the future with personalizing their product to fit the user.

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