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Self Driving Cars Will Get Rid of Millions of Jobs!

There are currently 3.5 million truck drivers in America who are at risk of losing there jobs to self driving cars when the technology is finally implemented. Self driving cars are very appealing to companies because they will get to there destinations quicker because the cars don’t have to stop for breaks like human drivers. Self driving trucks will also save companies millions of dollars on drivers salaries they will no longer need to pay.

Ford has set the deadline of 2021 to roll out its first fully autonomous vehicle. General motors has come out and said they want to roll out there first fully autonomous vehicle as soon as possible with no hard deadline. Companies like Uber and Lyft are looking to utilize this technology to reduce the cost of rides for consumers. Overall, self driving cars will improve efficiency in our society but will come at the cost of millions of jobs.

6 Responses to Self Driving Cars Will Get Rid of Millions of Jobs!

  • Self driving cars have been on the rise for a while, and it is no surprise to see companies such as Uber contemplating using the technology. However, I do not believe that it is not without benefits. Cost saving aside, self-driving vehicles could mean safer roads for everyone as they become more advanced. It could also open up new jobs for designing AIs that the cars use. Though it remains to be seen if those benefits will outweigh millions losing their jobs, and the economic impact that will have.

  • Self driving cars can no doubt have a positive impact on society in the capacity of making roads safer to travel on. However, I believe there needs to be a high level of regulation amidst the mass roll-out of autonomous vehicles, especially with other human drivers on the road. It is inevitable with the amount of money and time being invested into this technology that it will eventually surpass the average human driver’s ability to safely get from point A to point B. I believe this could one day hurt an abundance of jobs, like Uber, taxi companies, bus companies, and truck drivers, among other industries and occupations.

  • I think it will be interesting to see the affects the advent of self-driving cars has to policy making and regulations. Once the technology is available there will still be some push back on fully integrating them into businesses. Unions and the occupational workers it affects will obviously not sit by as they lose their jobs and it will be interesting to see how lawmakers react and what some of the after-affects are. A current example is how the taxi industry was affected by he rise of ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft. Some US cities and European governments banned them as a result of their effect on the taxi industry.

  • I agree that self-driving cars are a threat to the jobs of truck drivers, but just not in the immediate future. Like Chris said, laws and regulations will dramatically slow down the deployment of this technology for trucking companies. I believe that we will not see a massive automated logistics company for years to come, although it will gradually grow as a solution for companies. When the time comes that entire truck fleets are automated, I think that the number of people going into truck driving will have dropped significantly.

  • Although I see many benefits as to having self-driving cars there are many obstacles they need to overcome before they are completely accepted into society. For one current laws need to change, even though most new cars now offer some sort of autonomous features it still requires a driver to be there. Currently, it is against the law to have a self-driving vehicle on a public road without an operator present. It will also take time for people to “trust” the self-driving systems. I for one would never want to own a self-driving car, I enjoy driving too much and chose to drive a manual transmission car. However, they are getting harder and harder to find. As for jobs, you see this in every aspect of new technology (from manufacturing to retail). People will need to learn to adapt and change as technology changes.

  • I believe that self-driving cars will be a positive impact on society, one reasoning being that if there are more automated/ self-driving cars on the road I believe that it will be a lot safer since the traffic rules will be followed by the AI’s. Additionally, I agree with Vince, it will not be in the immediate future and by the time that self-driving cars are trusted by all including the government with regulations, the amount of people that are entering the truck driving field will decrease. Also, I believe that automated vehicles will be better for our economy and be more efficient for companies to transport goods.

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