Information Systems Integration – Tony Messina

Earn Professional Achievement Points

Earn up to 50 professional achievement points in MIS 4596 by creating a standalone site on the Community platform that describes and documents the team project:

  1. The site should be professional and attractively designed. Use one of the following themes: Infinity ProDigital Pro, Enterprise Pro, or Centric Pro. To get access, first create a site using the standard Fox MIS theme and then contact the instructor to request access to the selected theme.
  2. Include a short description and relevant selected documents from the project.
  3. Add screen prints from the prototype and other relevant graphics such as artifacts and pictures from your research.
  4. Include names and pictures of team members and links to their personal e-portfolio.
  5. Convert the main deck into a slideshare or Mix presentation and embed into the site.
  6. Add a post to your personal e-portfolio and describe what you are learning from the team project and link to the new site.

You can work on this together with your team or by yourself. I recommend you start the site early and then slowly add to it as you build the project. You can use the site to engage with your mentor and other interested parties as you work on the project.

To receive the 50 points, post a response to this page with the URL of the site. The instructor will check the site and if it meets the above criteria, you will receive the points. There is no partial credit.