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Steve Jobs Presentations Skills

In class we watched the following you tube posted analysis of Steve Jobs presentation skills.  The analysis focused on the introduction of the I-phone.  A link to the I-phone presentation is also attached.  After reviewing make your first comment as instructed in class.





20 Responses to Steve Jobs Presentations Skills

  • The first video says to show you enthusiasm with language. It recommends using words like “amazing” and “extraordinary”. When I present I shy away from those words. It feels like salesman and breed mistrust in the audience. However when I watched jobs use it, somehow he makes it work. He doesn’t sound like a Buzz Feed article.

    Also using physical objects during your presentation, I would like to use that during the final presentation at the end of the semester. I also think using stories to portray why our solution is good would be beneficial.

    A few things I noticed when watching his presentation: he pauses a lot for dramatic effect, uses humor, and downplays his competitors.

    Although I am an Android user, I can understand why this presentation would make people excited about Apple.

  • I really enjoyed the transition aspect of the video. I feel as if that is a big part of presentations that is not emphasized enough. To briefly introduce what will be presented next and to simply summarize what was just presented is something I believe everyone can improve upon and it will leave a lasting impact on the overall performance.

  • Throughout the videos, I believe that simplifying the numbers and using short texts really please the audience. Due to my presenting experience, there are a lot of audiences, who are not technical people or confused to see a lot of numbers on the slides. Simplifying the numbers only helps presenter target and emphasize on 1 point, but also helps the audiences understand and remember the presentation.

  • Steve Jobs used tiny text in his presentation which really helped drive the purpose. He explains simply how the iPhone has three major components and repeats it over to really get his point across. This helps the audience remember the key aspects and they got a laugh about it too, which will probably help them remember it even more. I like how he communicates simply and does not try to over complicate things to the point where the audience may have difficulty understanding what he is talking about.

  • Steve Jobs did such a good job making people feel excited about the new product while also explaining it in very good detail. His use of words got people very energetic and ready to try what he was selling. The way he uses he products we already know work and use to detail this new product made it easy for people to understand what it really is. Using these skills could help better sell, understand and showcase the product one would be presenting.

  • Steve Jobs was exciting and purposeful as he was giving his presentation. One thing I’ve noticed during his presentation is that he creates anticipation very well. He introduces a point and then he makes the audience curious and reveals the main point. In the first video a topic that stood out to me was when it mentioned to tell stories in your presentation. Telling stories is not something I normally do in presentations, but I can see how effective it is. Every day we have conversations with friends and piers and we tell stories of experiences/events. In this way, the presentation can connect with the audience in a personal way.

  • Watching Steve Jobs Presentation skills before watching his introduction of the iPhone was impressive. The presentation skills video highlighted the fundamentals of any strong presentation and then the introduction video brought these key areas to life. Firstly, I believe Steve does an excellent job of keeping the scope of the current topic he is talking about narrow enough to keep his audience’s attention. He talks to no more then 3 areas at a time and uses visuals, big statistics, and repetition of the topic he is speaking about. For example, in the beginning he introduces the 3 new products with a specific picture of an icon, speaks to each point, and then brings it back together with the same icon he used on the slide when he was introducing the product. By speaking in this order, Steve has his audience engaged and the 3 products engrained in their minds. Furthermore, Steve’s use of exciting words when introducing a product, his transitions, and slides that were informative enough for what he was speaking to, but also simple enough to keep the audience paying attention to him was very well done.

    I really enjoyed watching these videos for help with my future presentation skills! A professor at Temple University, who taught me a lot about presentations, always said never speak to more then 3 points. Also, he said you have to start with an introduction, tell the audience what you’re going to be talking about, tell them, and then tell them what you just told them. I believe Steve follows this same framework and it seems to work.

  • I remember watching the 2007 iPhone announcement the day of the event. I liked how animated and personable Steve felt, as if using a conversational approach. I believe Steve’s use of tiny text helped exemplify this style. While the presentation would use only a few words to get a point across, Steve would add on to that, but not to a point where an average user would be lost. The presentation wasn’t just targeted to the journalists and developers who attended the presentation at the Macworld Conference; it was relatable to anyone, particularly to anyone who had used the complex smartphones of the era. Steve was also fantastic at creating Magic Moments. My favorite Magic Moment of his was the announcement of the Macintosh on January 24th, 1984. Revealing what was then a very portable personal computer (one with a GUI no less) from a bag and having it introduce itself by talking was a historic moment in the history of personal computing. Steve took a different approach to presenting during this announcement, opting to read from a prepared speech behind a podium.
    You can watch that presentation here.

  • These videos were both extremely interesting and useful for future presentation that I may give. The first video explains the best tips for presenting information. This includes only mentioned 3 topics and simplifying information, such as simplifying numbers, so that everyone can understand his information in a meaningful way. Another important point was to use only a few images for slides, this is important because images can sometimes overwhelm an audience or presenters may include images that are not related. This use of unrelated images do not help a presentation, but instead make the presentation less effective. I also thought that being enthusiastic when presenting a topic is another great piece of advice. Being excited can cause your audience to become more excited about your presentation instead of becoming bored or uninterested. After watching his presentation of the iPhone, I was easily able to pick up on his presentation skills that the first video mentioned. It was clear how excited he was to introduce the new product, and it made his audience cheer and become just as excited as he was. It is clear that Steve Jobs is an amazing presenter, that made Apple extremely successful.

  • These two Steve Jobs videos were such an interesting experience. The first thing I noticed after watching the two videos was my own reaction as an Apple user. I have a Macbook Air and an iPhone 8 plus; but, when I was watching his presentation style as explained in the first video, I could feel the excitement that Steve’s audience was feeling that day back in 2007. His smile truly is contagious during his presentation. As an audience member, by seeing Steve’s absolute joy and glee to introduce his newest innovation, you yourself start to embrace that joy and glee which grows the anticipation that much more. Another instance similar to this would be his use of simplifying information and only using a few images on the slides. When Steve was explaining that a stylus was no longer needed, I picked up my own iPhone and was able to experience exactly what he was explaining. Even though his audience did not have their own iPhones to play with during this presentation, it was still a moment where one would be able to visualize just how exciting it is to experience the touch screen. This was an interesting moment for me, personally. The simplicity of his style in presenting his slide deck allowed me to stay focused and follow his story better until the end of the video. As anyone involved in business knows, presentations can either hold your focus or lose it within moments of the start. Steve Jobs is able to combine his enthusiasm with a simple, clean slide deck to hold his audience’s attention throughout the entire presentation and get the world ready for the new, revolutionary smartphone to come. Steve Job’s amazing presentation skills are a big part in the success that has brought Apple today.

  • I love how Steve was able to mix his personality as well as simplicity to deliver an amazing presentation. Steve used a limited amount of words and was straight to the point. Some times too much detail can go over the listeners head. I like how Steve was able to tell jokes and use sarcasm. When a presenter is able to make the audience laugh from time to time I think that recaptures the listeners attention. Steve was able to list all the features of the iPhone as well as degrade the competition without being too direct about it. I also liked how Steve used body language to get some of his points across. Steve Jobs is an incredible presenter and I learned a lot from him just from this short video.

  • The first video gave an insightful analysis of Steve Jobs’ presentation style. I also believe the first video did a wonderful setting up for the second video by helping viewers identify the characteristics and methods previously outlined. It’s important to be cognizant of the mannerisms and techniques used by renowned presenters, such as Steve Jobs, so that we may one day employ these techniques to be successful in our own presentations. In my opinion, the most powerful presentation method used by Steve Jobs was his ability to provoke emotions to make his presentations engaging.

  • The videos of Steve Jobs gives a lot of knowledge that can applied to my own presentation skills. I recognized that the key to Steve’s presentation style is to be very efficient but deliver a powerful message/theme throughout the presentation. Also, having simple stats and images is a key factor to allow your audience to follow better along to get the main theme of the presentation. Keeping the attention of a large audience is not an easy task so keening in on simplicity in presenting is a huge help, clearly shown in the presentation of the iPhone. On top of that, Jobs supplemented his presentation with his personality and jokes that created a better story to support the presentation. Overall, there were many greats points of presentation skills that Steve Jobs had that I can take apply to enhance my presentation skills.

  • Throughout the video I have noticed that simplifying what you see on screen is the most important part of presentations. In Steve Job’s presentation he used small bits of texts and a simple picture to explain to his audience about the new Iphone. He presented the main ideas of what he wanted to get across to the audience and repeated them several times. Also in the first video it showed me how important it is to present so that the audience does not get bored. The first video said present like you are telling a story at a bar stood out to me. Always keep audience excited and engaged with interesting facts.

  • Steve Job’s talks on new Apple products are always much anticipated and among the best presentations. The video of his skills really pinpoints what makes him a great presenter. I particularly enjoy his simple and effective slides. The captions capture and aid his points well. It surprises me since we have been taught from the business communication that being grammatically correct is important. Yet, Job breaks this rule to suit the type of audience so they can understand what he is trying to say immediately and focus on his speech. I also like the touch of animation and simple visuals as they spice up the presentation and emphasizes important points. Overall, this speech, as well as the slide deck, aligns with Apple style and branding, making the iPhone introduction a memorable presentation.

  • Two of the most important aspects I found from Steve Job’s speech and the speech analysis was telling stories and keeping message down to key points. Telling stories, especially while sprinkling humor into the presentation, keeps the audience engaged. It helps to bring the audience where you need them to be and Jobs does it effortlessly. While telling these stories, Jobs was always certain to simplify the message down to at most three key aspects just like the intro: a phone, a music player, internet connectivity. His story telling capabilities were the key component that told the audience this would be one device, which allowed the audience to get excited and follow the story for an innovative new technology. I especially admire how he sprinkled humor into his stories. These two speech components are aspects that I have admired about Steve Jobs, so much so that I use this tactic while competing in national presentations. It is effective, makes the audience engaged, and it is fun.

  • Jobs tends to use words like “amazing” & “extraordinary”. This is evident in their recent keynotes with Cook as well. I usually tend to resist on using words like these since it makes me thinks I am not being humble enough. Another aspect that I really liked in his presentation is that he backs his statements by data and using statistics. Using everyday objects like the yellow envelope adds a nice touch and allows the audience to get a perspective on the size of the product that he really wanted to emphasize. He had a clear theme throughout the presentation and he stayed on track the entire time and added humour to keep the audience interested.

  • I have an iPhone and I say how much I hate it about 5 times a day; this made me want to buy another iPhone. I ended up watching the videos backwards and paid more attention to what he was saying than the delivery of what he was saying which I think is also a good point in a great presentation. I thought the way that he used simple words, situations everyone can understand, repetition and humor gave me genuine interest and enthusiasm with a product that is ten years old. He used pauses where they were important and does not try to “over-pitch.” The repetition of words and images make things clear and is a great demonstration on the highlight of the technologies user friendly interface.

  • I think Steve Jobs was a fantastic speaker. He was able to introduce a revolutionary product with a simple, yet professional presentation. I really like how he focused a lot on pictures and graphics, since one of Apple’s biggest difference lies with design and functionality. The added humor was very natural and helped draw the audience’s attention.

  • Steve Jobs presentation style appeared to be simple and minimalistic, but with a powerful takeaway for the audience. Many times I see speakers trying to fit in every word on the slide and it distracts you from the speaker. In Steve’s case, the slideshow intrigues the audience and encourages them to listen to Steve for the deeper details. Additionally, his smile, enthusiasm, and humor attracts the listener. His presentation did not feel like he was selling the product, but instead talking about how it will bring value to the consumer. He had a great story line, starting from the success of the original apple products, and to the problems people had with their current mobile device. This built momentum for the reveal of the iphone and how it will make your life better.

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