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Technology and Organizations

The intricacies of implementing an IT structure within an organization are complex and riddled with inevitable challenges; however, if able to overcome these obstacles, successfully leveraging IT can prove to optimize efficiency, improve communications, and overall production within the organization. The demand for IT-enabled organizations grows as the technology advances.  This article illustrates how an IT structure can be realized, and what considerations need to be taken to manage this infrastructure.

Some considerations:

  1. Centralized vs Decentralized IT Structures – Are responsibilities delegated? What problems might arise in a decentralized IT structure?
  2. Internal vs Outsourced IT staff – Is it cost-effective to outsource these roles? Consider the advantages and disadvantages.

Across all industries, technology seems to be beneficial for optimizing operations, even in organizations that might not realize the potential benefits. Consider the initial skepticism of technology’s role in an organization like Cirque Du Soleil. Think of an organization or industry, if any, that couldn’t benefit from technology.


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