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Voice Interface Technology: The Future Of Business

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With the rise of AI and increase in the virtual assistant hype, voice interaction has become very common to perform everyday personal tasks. Virtual assistants are in fact so common that 1/6 adult in US owns a voice activated device. Gartner estimates 30% of our interactions with technology to be through conversations. Thousands of companies have already implemented chatbots and sooner than later they will be converted to voice conversations.
One can say that so far the blend of AI and virtual assistants have implemented well with our personal lives and are constantly improving. It wont be long until these technologies will be a norm in business setting too. With powerful technology like this you can converse about a report quickly without even having to open your laptop. Having an assistant will no longer be an executive level perk. This technology can do simple and repeated tasks that employees spend hours doing everyday and result in overall boost in productivity. Tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft have already started to launch and implement solutions that will allow businesses to take advantages of voice technology. For this to work at business setting AI needs to be able to process and collect information from ERP systems, CRM systems and company data and processes. This will be a challenge the developers and implementing team will face but it can be solved as per company requirements.
This will surely require necessary changes to perform such a huge digital transformation. Implementing team will have many physical as well as informational vectors to take care of with regards to volume, placement, privileges, confidential conversations, etc.  Voice interface will open so many doors of opportunity but to open these doors the physical and informational vectors must be settled well for it to be successful.



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