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Future of Our Cars

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The rise in self driving cars is no secret. More and more automobile companies are investing in the technology with some companies like Waymo and Uber surpassing ‘1 billion miles driven’.  Right now it is clear that they are not up to our standards in reliability and availability but they keeping learning and getting better.  Self driving cars are not only supposed to increase safety they also will allow more cars on the road at faster speeds.

Machine Learning increases the cars ability to adapt to different situations. Currently, these systems still need human analysis to improve new functions. Artificial Intelligence will soon be able to create new variables we have not yet considered. Could machine learning hinder what we want out of our cars? At what point will driving manually not be socially acceptable or even illegal?

I believe at some point governments will have to step in and limit manual driving once self driving cars hit they’re safety potential. Just as cigarettes are no longer allowed in doors, safety will force us to forego some freedoms. Whether this is the right thing to do is more of a philosophical debate, but one that is coming quicker than we think.

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  • It’s difficult to think that one day every car in the streets will be self-driving. Many car industries advertise their cars with the idea that they’re getting an experience by buying their products, but if the self-driving cars are a regular idea I believe some companies will have a hard time. Technology like this effects organizations because it forces them to keep up with other more innovative companies. I think a lot of other car companies who are not investing in this kind of technology will soon have to switch their business model. Why would anyone want to buy a more expensive car if the cars only functions is to get to point A to B? I believe that cars will be less about personal experience and just straight functionality.

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