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New Technology will Speed up Airport Security


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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced that they will be rolling out new 3D carry-on luggage scanners throughout airports across America. The program just recently launched in July with about 12 airports being featured in the pilot program. The new 3D technology will replace current 2D luggage scanners that are found in most airports around the world. The improved scanners will feature Computed Tomography (CT) to take hundreds of pictures using a spinning X-ray camera. Using this new high resolution camera, TSA agents will have a more detailed view of the contents of passenger bags.

Currently, with the lower quality images and scanners, passengers must take out items such as electronics and liquids. The operation of unloading luggage to find certain items slows down the process of going through security and can make the airport experience much less enjoyable. With the new technology, passengers will no longer have to empty their bags, but instead can leave these items in their bag. It will also increase security, as the scanners will be able to better detect illegal contents.

With new technology trends brings new changes to industries. Currently airline users have the option to pay for TSA pre check, which is a paid ‘membership’ to expedite airport security. This includes the option that allows passengers to keep items in their luggage, with these new high tech scanners coming about, there is a decreased need of TSA pre check. What other trends do you think will be coming to the airport security or airline industry in general? How do you think these technology trends will either positively or negatively impact both the consumers and the business providing these services?

2 Responses to New Technology will Speed up Airport Security

  • I agree that the process of going through airport security is excruciatingly long and there has to be a more efficient alternative. With these 3D, higher quality, x-ray cameras I see a very promising future of a faster and safer process. The problem now lies in the purchasing costs for these airports. With this modern and improved technology there will be a high demand from airport users, and thus airport companies will need to make business agreements with manufacturers on how to implement this technology at the lowest cost while delivering the high quality product and services required. I foresee these technology trends impacting consumers and businesses positively in the long term but only time will tell how they perform initially.

  • The new technology will have a positive impact for the consumers and airports. At my last airport visit, I forgot to remove some electronics and had the hassle of emptying out my luggage so the security guards can see what I have. It was a slow process, and with this new tech, I won’t have to worry about putting liquids and electronics in separate bins. The airport security lines are already long enough. The business responsible for this new tech will have an increase in demand, and will need to negotiate with airports in terms of the best quality and price. Eventually, they can also have high-tech body scanners where people don’t need to remove their shoes.

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