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Software can model how a wildfire will spread

Wildfire photo

The wildfire can be avoided or prevented by the fire-forecasting software. With the data of the area’s vegetation, building materials, paved surfaces, type of trees, paths to the sea, weather patterns, etc., the software can be able to model how a wildfire will spread and announce the fire risks. The data are collected by the satellites and aircraft and the details are contributed by the ranger and firefighter on the ground. The software also contains the data of the area’s temperature, rainfall, snowfall, and sunshine in order to predict how the this wildfire might be changed or be affected. Another model called RHESSys, with the fuel and moisture-data around 800km2 of wildland, shows where is the best to bulldoze firebreaks, cut down trees or clear scrub. Another modeling software called FIRETEC can model how the flames of a planned burn, intended to clear vegetation in a controlled way according to the wind.

However, there are the challenging problems facing the software on its accuracy and the consequences of its failed prevention. Is the software’s calculation trustable? What if the software fails to forecast the fire spread? Can the software able to provide the information in time?

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