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Can a wearable enable you to control your dreams?

can a bracelet really let you control your dreams instadreamer press 5

Instadreamer is a crowded-funded company that is producing a device they say can let you “take control of your dreams” by inducing vivid, lucid dreaming episodes. That’s a bold promise. Lucid dreaming is conscious dreaming where you are aware that you are dreaming. This gives the dreamers the ability to design the dream events and environments around the dreamer. Lucid dreaming comes naturally to some, (I have had one lucid dream when recovering from jaw surgery and it was nuts!)“The most effective ways to create lucid dreams are to perform regular reality checks,” Jean Rausis, the Instadreamer’s inventor, tells Digital Trends. “Basically you have to make sure that you are in reality all day long, as much as possible. Hopefully that starts to become a habit, and as soon as it becomes a habit you start doing it in your dreams.” That’s where the Instadreamer comes in.

Based on Pavlovian conditioning — like salivating around pizza — Instadreamer serves as a sort of prompt designed to habituate these reality checks. “The device vibrates at various times throughout the day, encouraging the wearer to perform a check. At night, the bracelet picks up on biometric signals, including a person’s pulse and temperature, to detect when they’re experiencing rapid eye movement (REM), the phase of sleep when dreams are most vivid. If the bracelet has sufficiently integrated itself into the wearer’s reality, its nighttime vibrations will put them into a state of conscious dreaming.”

I think this could be exciting but potentially as reliable as traditional methods used to try to entice lucid dreaming. When I had a lucid dream it was terrifying because I knew I was sleeping and couldn’t wake myself up. So this might not be for me. Either way, I think if successful, it could open another door into subconscious manipulation and that is something that could have endless possibilities.





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