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Emerging Tech Will Create More Jobs 2022?

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As technology get more advanced, people start to worry that jobs will be lost, and they will be replaced. In the recent years AI and robotics have been popular in businesses and technology. The article says, 75 million jobs will be lost by 2022 by these new technologies, but 133 million jobs will also be created ( Companies create systems to make processes easier and efficient, trying to take out the bottleneck. So, how will these new technologies create new jobs? The advancement in technology will force new skills to be acquired by the workforce. Some growing skills include analytical thinking, active learning, creativity and declining skills include manual dexterity, memory and spatial abilities, and management of material resources. By 2022, the tasks performed by humans will be 58% and machines will be 42%. This type of automation might hurt the employees and will change the key business processes. IT was created to serve the organizations but is IT going so far that it might hurt the organizations?

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  • Hi Stephen,

    It is an interesting topic. I also have a wonder if the number of jobs will be reduced due to the development of technology. I have read another article about the impact of AI in the future. In the article, it stated that the automation could eliminate as much as 30 percent of the world’s human labor and displace the job of as many as 800 million people (McClelland, 2018). Therefore, I totally agree with you in your post that “automation might hurt the employees and will change the key business process.” The intelligent machines will be developed and built more in the future, this will cause the fear to the employees about their job losses and job changes.

  • Hi Stephen,

    I think that IT will continue to create more and more value to organizations in different ways. In order to continue to evolve and better society, some things will end up being replaced and other things will end up being automated with robotics or other technology. Even if some of those jobs get replaced, as you pointed out, even more jobs will end up being created. As a society, we need to look at teaching younger generations the skills they need to succeed in a society that is so reliant on IT to better our companies and our world. If people continue to evolve their skill sets to add value to organizations, then they would not need to worry about getting replaced by machines or automation. Instead of spending time worrying about whether new technology will take away jobs and potentially trying to stop innovation, we should focus our energy on ways to retrain the workforce that may be impacted by this new technology.

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