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Self-driving car safe option?



Most big name automotive companies have invested in self driving cars. The huge investments that are being made is because AI or self driving cars will take over the automotive industry in the future. The developing of the self driving car is to help driving be more safer and convenient by decreasing the number of accidents occurring, avoid drunk driving, allow long distance traveling to be easier, and etc. Nevertheless will self driving cars be a safer option in the automotive world? Self driving cars like many other AI can be hacked. The vision and collision avoidance systems algorithms are still not fully understood by the companies that are developing self driving cars. Also eventually hackers will find a way to hack many systems of the self driving cars. If hackers do break through, anyone in a self driving cars will be in danger or in control by the hackers. Will self driving cars be a safer option than driving?


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  • Hi Chanyang,

    I really enjoy reading your post and totally agree with your concern about the hackers on the self-driving cars. However, I believe despite the small possibility of hacking, the self-driving cars can be safer than the normal cars. According to the National Safety Council, there were 40000 traffic accidents in the U.S last year and 90% of them was caused by the human errors (Isidore, 2018). Thus, the human driver is not that safe. On the other hand, the self-driving car will contain the 360 degree vision and it is never got distracted. This will help to greatly lower the possibility of the traffic accidents. I believe the self-driving car will be much safer than the human-driving car.


  • Hi Changyang,

    Self-driving cars is such an interesting and hot topic these days. While I agree that hacking cars is a possibility for self-driving cars, today regular cars are so advanced that they can also be hacked. For example, companies such as OnStar, can now put special software into cars that are supposed to make it easier to recover and prevent car thefts. If someone steals a car that has OnStar software, the car owner can call OnStar and they can locate the stolen vehicle, contact the police, and then force the car to stop. While this software is great for helping people with stolen vehicles, if OnStar is ever hacked or someone figures out this software, it could cause hackers to stop cars in their tracks causing accidents or other serious issues. People should understand that just because a human is driving a car doesn’t prevent cars from getting hacked, especially as more and more cars become technologically advanced. Also, as Hung mentioned above, self-driving cars are so much safer than when people drive regularly.

  • Hi Changyang,
    I honestly never thought about the potential of hacking a self driving car, but obviously it is a huge threat. Self-driving cars seem very beneficial on paper, but the fact that at any time it can fail is what makes me skeptical of the whole thing. I could not wrap my head around how someone would want to purposely make a self-driving car crash, but upon research it stated that the deployment of autonomous vehicles is going to result in unemployed people, and they will be very angry. That still doesn’t justify doing something as malicious as that, but in today’s world you have to be very careful and with a threat like this out there, these car companies need to make sure they are taking every precaution to ensure people’s safety.

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