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Work iPhone Security Flaw

Apple products are often registered and authenticated using their serial numbers through Apple’s Device Enrollment Program. Organizations that use a large amount of iPhones and MacBooks for work like companies and schools use this program to manage the devices they hand out. An engineer discovered that all a potential attacker needed was this serial number to get sensitive information like addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses from these devices. These hackers can simply create a program that generates every conceivable 12-character code, and because it does not have any rate limits, it is possible to run the search without any obstacles. Apple does not consider this a huge issue because they recommend these organizations to apply additional security measures like user authentication. I do not see this as a big problem because these companies should automatically have additional security measures, even if this flaw was not brought to light. Organizations and companies should always take additional precaution when dealing with technology because you never know who can get ahold of what.

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