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The Recent Facebook Hack: What Does it Mean for our other other Digital Media Platforms?

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Nowadays, many social media platforms (Tinder, Spotify, Airbnb) are letting people use Single Sign-On (SSO) to sign into their platforms or register an account. Most, if not all, are using Facebook to create their SSO. So with light of the recent Facebook hack, many social media platforms are questioning how this recent hack affects their users. Many are now implementing full forensic investigations with the aid of Facebook to assess the safety of their customer’s information.

Jason Polakis, an assistant professor of computer science at the University of Illinois at Chicago, said, “… it’s not easy to evaluate how many accounts of yours hackers might have accessed”. This is the one of the primary risks behind implementing SSO.

This recent occurrence, along with how technology is making our information and lives much more interconnected, is going to make us rethink how we secure our data or how we will protect ourselves in this digital information age. The ‘easier’ we make life for people, the more vulnerabilities we can have. The SSO was designed to help make the sign in process easier, but now it is causing potential risks that we have not seen all the consequences to just yet. As technology is evolving, we will have to consider how to better protect what we put online. It is scary and cool all at the same time.


2 Responses to The Recent Facebook Hack: What Does it Mean for our other other Digital Media Platforms?

  • I agree that as technology is growing and the more immersed we become the more access that could be demanded of us. In the same way, I believe that with growing technology, there will be innovative ways to prevent security breaches and allow us to have greater privacy than ever before. I believe we are at a experimental stage where we have things such as blockchain technology that can lead to greater privacy and security. Yet on the other hand, having a decentralized system, there will be less order and control. I believe it is of utmost importance to maintain our value in privacy while maintaining connection even if it means abandoning social media platforms but it is harder said than done.

  • This really makes me wonder how many accounts I have linked to my facebook account and how, especially shopping accounts, have my cc information, my personal address, and more. I agree with Andrew that blockchain would be a technology that could really change the game when it came to SSO security. I want to add I noticed more and more recently when it comes to SSO is the verification codes often sent out which I think is a useful (even sometimes annoying) security measure. I also think this leads to how essential it is for our financial banking systems to have the most advanced tracking and analyzing technology and it shows that it is important to stay aware of your account activities.

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