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Threats from Cyber Adversaries Follow You Home

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Cybersecurity attack is always the concern of many companies about their information’s safety. However, that threat can nowadays follow you home. With less protection than the office, a home network is becoming the target of adversaries and cybersecurity attacks. According to the article, “VPNFilters, a malware designed to infect routers and certain network-attached storage devices, like the common internet router used at homes. This is particular concerning, because this malware targets users at their home, extending the threat from the office” (Ziadeh, 2018). The method of targeting users at home somehow helps adversaries infiltrate larger networks and systems. If the adversaries get access to the router, there will be the high risk that the adversaries can ultimately gain access into the enterprise network which the home device connects to. The challenge that the company is having right now that “It’s a very easy way for adversaries to monetize their hacking, without having to maintain a lot of the access that you do with a lot of the other threats we’ve seen, like ransomware” (Ziadeh, 2018). Moreover, the adversaries are moving faster and advancing that it is becoming more difficult for the agencies to keep up with. Thus, the companies now will need people who keep track of what is going on and update the home routers to fight off VPNFilters. But, is it completely safe?



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  • My question with this is what are they stealing? Credit card information? Work related documents? And furthermore, does the home owner even realize they are being hacked? What are some of the precautionary steals we can take to prevent this from happening?

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