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Medical Technologies Hacked

Technology have been making improvements in the medical field for many years. Even though Technology has made many enhancement in the field it poses a serious threat. Technologies that are used hospitals are able to be hacked. An imaging device to check on patient health organs and for cancer is able to be hacked. If a hacker breaks through this device they are able to remove a tumor found through this device or add a tumor where a tumor does not exist. This is a serious problem because through these type of actions many patients are in danger of death. While creating technologies to improve the medical field they should also focus on the safety of the machines from hackers. Cyber security is a big problem we are facing in the world today.



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  • Hi Chanyang,
    I really enjoy reading your post and I think it is a very interesting topic. I also agree with you that cybersecurity and hacking nowadays are the serious concerns of many organization and business. If a hacker can break through the device, it will be a serious problem, which not only causes information lost but also dangerous to the patients. Do hospitals have any solution for this?

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