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Cyber Bullying on Instagram

instagram photoHaving social media platforms exist it will always come with negative repercussions. Instagram still deals with harassment on their platforms and they’ve announced that they will be using machine learning to minimize these kinds of bullying. Instagrams purpose in their business is to share and bring joy in sharing. Their hope is to use machine learning to report possible bullying because people usually don’t report when they see it. Research from anti-bullying reported that Instagram was ranked number one social network for cyberbullying.

With a topic, so complex and complicated can technology help get rid of these kinds of behavior from their platform? Can the algorithms learn to pick up on human interaction accurately? Using machine learning their cost of technology will increase and how will implementing it benefit the company? Running these types of technology will cost the company to maintain and integrate a good amount of money. Is it necessary for Instagram to use these kinds of technology?

3 Responses to Cyber Bullying on Instagram

  • Hi Steven,

    Great post! I think cyberbullying is definitely a big issue now compared to a few years ago. With social media becoming more popular, it’s important to raise more awareness of cyberbullying, especially since many kids are using them as well. I don’t think machine learning can completely eradicate cyberbullying. For example, instagram and facebook do filter out comments and posts container inappropriate contents or words, but there are many loopholes that people use. I know that videos are much more difficult to filter because their algorithm is different from photos. People can also misspell words that are filtered to get around the filter system. I do however believe that it’s important for social media platforms to address cyberbullying issues, and using machine learning is an excellent start. If a company values its users, then absolutely they should do what they can to create a safe environment for all people.

  • Cyber bullying has become a huge problem in the world that leads to horrific things such as suicide. It is nice to see Instagram making an effort to reduce the bullying comments, but as Cindy mentioned above I don’t think it can completely diminish the bullying. There is also texting and other media that people will use to bully. Ultimately, looking at the big picture parents need to be aware and kids should be educated about the harm that their bullying can cause, Instagram can only do so much. The machine learning algorithm most likely wont be able to catch all the hate speech, and it can be disabled which again wont stop the bullying. There also needs to be a balance of free speech and an environment that discourages bullying. Additionally, I think it will be difficult for AI to detect the tone and intention of the words. For instance, constructive criticism may be mistaken for hate speech.

  • This was definitely an interesting read. I think Instagram is doing a good job to raise the awareness of bullying. I think there are already a good number of methods to reduce cyber bullying. You can always make your Instagram private or block someone if you don’t want to talk to them. But like my two classmates said it is pretty much impossible to completely eliminate bullying. Since there’s so many different platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and texting. I think implementing a filtration system would be a good idea. It would help block unwanted words or phrases that could contribute to cyber bullying.

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