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The Comeback Tour: Amy Winehouse as a Hologram

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Amy Winehouse’s comeback tour has been scheduled to begin in “late 2019.” What is most interesting about this comeback tour is that Winehouse passed away in 2011; so, the singer will be performing as a hologram.  The show will consist of her biggest hits which include: “Rehab,” “Back to Black,” and “Valerie.” The operation that is creating the tour is Base Hologram. This company has created hologram tours for singers in the past like Roy Orbison, a rock musician, and Maria Callas, an opera singer. The CEO of Base Hologram, Brian Becker, states that “Winehouse is a powerhouse in every sense of the word,” and was thrilled to gain the client.

The show will feature “digitally remastered arrangements” of all of her classic songs and the hologram of Amy Winehouse will be accompanied on stage with a live band, live singers, and of course a “theatrical stagecraft.” Holograms typically work in the opposite fashion where the viewer has to move around to see the 3-D quality. This will allow the audience to be stationary and watch the hologram move and perform as if she were actually there. The money from the tour will go directly to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which “helps young people struggling with alcohol and drug use.”

Could this be the beginning of a new type of concert? Can we expect both living and dead performers to take advantage of this innovation? This could create new demand for past legends of every genre of music and may even create a way, so these performers never truly die.


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  • That will be an amazing experience.Why should the concerts stop if a singer passes away. The musician legends can always live on such as Micheal Jackson, Selena, and Elvis Presley. In addition, during the concert there will be no need for intermissions and breaks. Personally, I’m not sure if I would pay money for a hologram concert because when I go to a concert I want to see the physical singer and not a projection. I see holograms being used regularly in the future, and even now it is becoming common. I was recently on a trip to Universal Studios Orlando, and saw holograms being used on the Harry Potter rides. It was incredible seeing the characters as if they were real. Before entering the ride, people were shown a holographic projection of Bill Weasley’s office, where 2 characters interacted with each other in what seemed like a real office with physical items, but it was all an illusion.

  • Hi Nina,

    This was such an interesting read and I truly cannot believe that we live in a world where this is a possibility. While I personally liked Amy Winehouse’s music, I do not think I would want her (or any other artist) to become a hologram once they die and continue to tour. I like that the money would benefit a great cause, but it just wouldn’t be the same for me. I think a lot of people like to go to concerts because you get to see the artist and a different side to them, and even if you see them multiple times, each show is never the same. With a hologram, every show would probably be exactly the same and there would be no special energy because the actual artist isn’t alive. I have never seen a hologram in real life, so maybe once I do, I might change my opinion!

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