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Augmented Reality Translation App

I was so surprised when finding out that the Google Translator app has the AR function to translate anything on the fly by scan text on camera.Image result for Augmented Reality App google translate

It is very easy to use. Users need to choose the two languages for translation, then hit the camera button. It is impressive how quickly the system can recognize the characters even of different writing systems like Cyrillic and Greek, not only Latin. The quality of the translation depends on the number of words that are recognized since the translation algorithms use the context to improve it. In any case, even if not all the words are recognized or organized in a proper sentence, the user is able to at least instantaneously get a clue of what might be written or the essential meaning of the message.

Another example of AR translation is for sign language. Although it is only a working prototype and needs a lot of improvements, the concept of translating sign language into spoken English is promising for people to communicate with each other.


Augmented Reality In Google Translate

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  • Wow, I believe this is an amazing tool that will be able to bring people together and create a higher level of communication and comfort in entering a foreign country. The one thing that I have a problem with is that translation technology including this and Google Translate is not capable of always precisely fully interpreting and translating long full sentences. Whenever I try to translate long Korean paragraphs my aunt might send me, Google Translate will spew out broken sentences that make absolutely no grammatical sense. I can get the general idea of what is trying to be said, but there has to be a better way for the technology to understand grammar and create more accurate translations. Also something to keep an eye out for are other translation tools. There is one where someone can speak into a device, and it will speak out a translated version of the statement in specific languages. There are also these earpieces that can translate said words into another language into your ear. Here is an article below.

  • If this works for sign language, I will be ecstatic. I’ve taken ASL 1 here at Temple and there is a steep learning curve because it is hard to just ‘translate’ signs. If I had AR that helped me figure out new signs, I would be able to learn so much faster. This translation technology also seems amazing for people who love to travel but do not know the language of the are they are in. It would really help with getting around and communicating with others.

  • Hi Chi,

    I have actually used the google translate app when I studied abroad in Barcelona. I think it is such an important and essential tools that can have many uses. For example, I used it a lot when trying to understand menus or when I had to purchase different things at grocery stores where there was no English translation. A particularly useful event happened when I was really sick and had to go to a pharmacy to get medicine. The pharmacist did not speak any English and I was able to use the Google Translate app to communicate with her and get my medicine. I think this would also be great for people trying to learn a new language as they could rely on the app to teach them new words. I think this is a great invention that will help people better communicate with each other.

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