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Cancer Detection with Deep Learning

Scientists are beginning to use an Google deep learning AI to detect breast cancer. Deep learning is a branch of AI that utilizing neural networks to identify data patterns to then reach conclusions (gross oversimplification). Google “radiology assistant”, Lymph Node Assist (Lyna), can detect cancer by analyzing diagnostic radiology exams (CT, CAT, MRI, MRA etc) and recognizing cancer-like patterns within these scans. LYNA accurately detected cancer 99 percent of the time, even successfully detecting cancer on samples with minute traces of these cancer patterns. LYNA and deep learning technologies are proving to make work easier, more accurate and quicker in the medicine industry. What other applications of deep learning could affect other industries?


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One Response to Cancer Detection with Deep Learning

  • I think this is great and I hope that it will be available for more cancers. Breast cancer is one of the most known cancers thanks to so many great foundations and there are many early detection tests but for other cancers there are no early detection tests (like ovarian cancer) Lymph nodes are an amazing tool for the body to tell us something is wrong and it would be amazing if this Lymph Node assist (LYNA) could help us with those more sneaky cancers too

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