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The Proliferation of AI in Emerging Technologies

Research and advisory firm Gartner Inc. predicts that artificial intelligence (AI) will be present in 80% of emerging technologies in two years. While AI is an emerging technology in and of itself, many emerging technologies incorporate elements of it in some capacity. AI itself seems to be on multiple spectrums of the hype cycle at once, situated somewhere between being an innovation trigger, a peak in inflated expectations, and the trough of disillusionment. Vice President of Research at Gartner Inc. Brian Burke said that the proliferation of AI in emerging technologies is among several ‘megatrends’ affecting the hype cycle, such as do-it-yourself biohacking, next-generation hardware like 5G networking and quantum computing, and immersive experiences like augmented reality and the connected home. While general artificial intelligence, that is a computer performing any task that a human can, is a long way off, AI shows up in other emerging technologies like virtual assistants, autonomous driving, deep neural nets, and cloud-computing platforms. This could include voice recognition and transcription; facial recognition; analysis on media like text, photos, or videos; and content filtering. There are few other emerging technologies quite like AI that can be applied to so many different fields and applications. Can you think of any other once-emerging technologies that were common in other emerging technologies as AI is now?


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  • It’s crazy to think that AI is a technology that is developing in out time and will be viable in the next couple years. I agree that AI right now is somewhere between Innovation trigger and peak of inflated expectations. The possibility and expectations for AI is endless and many companies have been planning to use it. For example in one of the AIS meeting one company came in with their AI solution, although not perfect they explained the potential of what this program could do. AI can help businesses in ways that humans can not and one example I can think of is using AI for administrative work because its a simple task that can be done efficiently with AI technology.

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