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Social Media: How fast can platforms fade?

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Between April and June of this year, the number of people using Snapchat dropped about 3 million users to roughly 188 million users globally. Social Media relies on the number of daily active users and a decrease this drastic has started making market analyst think that Snapchat, a public company, will be going private in the near future.

Social media has a low barrier for entry when in comes to market competition so these tech business need to continue staying up-to-date and cutting edge. One tactic Snapchat did recently was develop its augmented reality lenses to work on people’s cats. Maybe this tactic will work to increase activity day-to-day users, maybe it won’t, but what is certain, Snap is not the only company working on developing “face recognition” that works on animals – Sony is to0, but for very different reasons.

It is just interesting to consider what a technology bases social media company has to do to stay relevant and a market leader, even if it introducing cat filters.



5 Responses to Social Media: How fast can platforms fade?

  • Zoe,
    I think this post is very interesting. I remember hearing news that Snapchat lost a good amount of users following an update. I believe that it’s very important that social media platforms to cater to their audience to stay relevant. I always think of social media platforms like Myspace and Xanga. They were once at the top of the social media industry, but today are pretty much extinct. I always wonder if Snapchat or Facebook will ever fall off.

  • It’s interesting to watch how Snapchat is trying to differentiate itself from Instagram. Instagram essentially took Snapchats idea, so I am curious if they will copy this feature as well. It seems like this is a continuous cat and mouse game with social media (pun intended). Also thanks for adding cats and humor to the community page 😸

  • Zoe,
    First off, thank you for the interesting article. I found this relevant because, as I can imagine, everyone in our class either has snapchat or has had it at one point in time. I personally really enjoy Snapchat and find it to be my favorite form of social media; therefore I wont be deleting it anytime soon. I do, however, understand why people have been deleting it with their constant updating and changing the design of the app. I wish they would bring back certain features that they have since gotten rid of, but maybe these animal filters will be a big push for them. I would really enjoy being able to put some funky filters on my dog, haha! Hopefully Snapchat can come up with soem intellectual property that will set them apart from other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook who continue to constantly try to out-do Snapchat. I am team Snapchat for sure!

  • Hello Zoe,
    Snapchat should definitely be concerned losing that many people within such a short amount of time. I liked Snapchat at first, but I deleted it about a year ago because it seemed like they took their simple, cool concept and were trying to change it into something else and ended up doing too much for me. The facial recognition for animals is interesting, but can it really help gain those supporters back? I was trying to look into Sony’s reasoning for facial recognition, but the only thing that would come up is their new “robot dog” that will be able to remember 100 people’s faces and tell human emotions to respond accordingly.

  • Snapchat’s idea is simple enough, so many social media companies copy the idea and now every platform has a similar service. I personally stopped using Snapchat for 2 years now because Instagram story is similar enough, and I can do other things on Instagram. Essentially, Instagram offers more various types of contents consolidating in one app. It would take people too much time to switch among 3 apps to post the same content. Also, Snapchat’s core users are around 12-18 years old. With the fast pace technology and the constantly changing IT preference of this age group, Snapchat’s limited offerings are not competitive. Unless Snapchat comes up with a distinctive technology to set it apart, the company will be out of business soon.

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