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VR Tourism, Holidays at home; new way to travel?

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Tourism is usually about exploring the world and finding personal connections between us and everything around the location. People create memories that can be recalled and reflected upon and shared for lifetime. With the evolution of VR technologies, tourism can be integrated with physical and virtual worlds. As shown in Black Mirror episode “San Junipero” with use of technology virtual travel can be felt like the real world. Of course, there is a lot of development needed in VR field to get there but we are on the path. Virtual tourism can help preserve these precious sites. It gives the ability to explore threatened locations and locations that are harder to get to. This can really provide an opportunity to explore a location to someone that is disabled to physically get there.

VR gives you access to thousands of destinations around the world on your fingertips. Our brain has VR like inbuilt mechanisms that allows us to live imagined experiences. VR will propel this imagination and the brain process these images through same neural pathways as they do when they stimuli the real world. This will justify the experience and make it extremely close to “being there”. Although VR equipment is expensive it’s nowhere compared to high flight fares and hotel costs. Once main steamed high end VR equipment will be more budget-friendly allowing more people on budget to explore. Overall this can be more sustainable for the tourist sites and the environment around globally as it leads to fewer emissions and waste. VR experience of a location can be integrated such that it is interactive to the user and shows all the necessary information about a location with reliable credibility within the virtual world. This can disrupt many industries along with hospitality and tourism.

Image from black mirror episode “San Junipero”

3 Responses to VR Tourism, Holidays at home; new way to travel?

  • I think this is a great idea. Once it becomes more affordable I see this technology blowing up in the tourism industry. The question I have is how will this technology allow for the sense of touch and smell to be affected? Right now, with virtual reality, we can affect the sense of sight and hearing, but by affecting all senses will people truly feel immersed in the experience. I went to Disney World’s Animal Kingdom this past Spring with my girlfriend and experienced a ride called Pandora – The World of Avatar. This was a virtual reality ride that allowed you to feel as if you were flying around the world of Avatar in the jungles and waterfalls and this experience allowed you to feel the wind and light cold mist and well as smell the jungle. This was an experience that was truly mind blowing and I believe will be a revolutionary way for people to use Virtual Reality in various different environments.

  • Hello Prince,
    I remember seeing this episode of Black Mirror and being very confused. I am not sure if I like the idea of it. A lot of people would probably be more inclined to use this type of traveling if it is indeed more budget friendly, but there will still be a bunch of people who would prefer to travel by actually going to the destination. I guess I can’t really wrap my head around the two being so similar that actually traveling would become obsolete. It would be beneficial because it would help preserve the popular destination spots and also help contribute to saving the planet.

  • Hello Prince. I’m personally on board with these virtual tours around the globe. Not everybody has the privledge of actually traveling themselves. If the VR can offer a close-to-authentic experience, then I would actually like to go on a virtual vacation. Though this sort of offering isn’t for everybody and many would surely prefer to actually travel, I think this could potentially have a niche market and offer once-in-a-life-time experiences to many.

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