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From Agriculture to Art — the A.I. Wave Sweeps In


AI has many uses, such as predicting an outcome to identifying patterns. Most of the AI uses right now are predictions, such as what ads to show you, and product recommendations. However, as the AI technology matures, virtually any field can benefit from AI. For example, Deep Genomes is a company that is aimed to transform the economics of drug recovery. Currently, it takes years and billions of dollars to introduce a new product because of clinical trials on humans. With AI technology, it can potentially reduce the cost and time tremendously by predicting how the drug will react in humans. Aside from clinical trials, AI is also being used in agriculture. The AI assistant called Nuru is an app that can be used by farmers to identify disease or pest blight. Simply wave the phone over a plant leaf, and the AI can show the diagnoses as well as generating low tech treatments.


2 Responses to From Agriculture to Art — the A.I. Wave Sweeps In

  • The idea of AI is so complex and mind-boggling to me. I’ll never understand how “smart” it actually is and how it understands the things it does. I love the idea that it can help get drugs to the market faster because maybe cures to diseases that are currently non-curable will happen sooner! Just wondering because I had a class on this, have you ever thought about the negative side of AI? For example, I read before that the level AI can learn at is almost immeasurable and that there’s a 50% chance it can help many different areas of our society and a 50% chance it can hurt many different areas of our society. What are your thoughts on this? I’m hoping it helps society more then it hurts. Another interesting thing I’ve read about AI is that it has trouble mimicking the most simple human traits like emotion. I find this so interesting!

  • This is a really interesting thing that could happen sooner rather than later. This could change the entire industry and possibly allow more people to live and get the medicine that they need to survive.

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