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Can AI replace musicians?

Music was usually an emotional art that humans composed, but now AI has the ability to compose music that sounds just as good as a human production. Most of the AI music systems work by using deep learning networks. They are fed tons of data, from pop hits to disco classics. Then it picks up details such as chords, tempo, and length. The system learns from the data and creates its own tunes that is almost undistinguishable from human-composed music. I included an example of AI music, the instrumentation of the song Break Free by Taryn Southern was compose by AI. She used the platform, Amper where you input genre, instrumentation, key and beats per mute to generate your own unique song.  Personally for me, it is strange to have a connection with a song if a person didn’t create it because there was no emotion and thought behind the tune. On the other hand, it is an amazing tool for musicians who want to supplement their music, and create unique sounds such as Taryn Southern. Will we start seeing robot concerts in the future? Will AI composition be superior to humans?

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  • This is interesting. I think, through deep learning, AI can engineer and produce songs that may be on par- or even superior – to the songs that they are “fed”. However, I’m not entirely sure how well AI would be able to create innovative songs, let alone produce new genres and subgenres of music that humans would find enjoyable.

  • I can totally see this technology producing mainstream music because pop music now sounds all similar to each other. Also, most songs share the same chords and people like repetition, and familiarity, so AI can produce successful general music. I agree with Anthony that AI might not be able to create innovative songs, or putting emotions into the songs to make them meaningful. Creativity is something that scientists still research to see if AI can do it like human.

  • I have heard this multiple times. I did a project on how music is changing and what producers think will happen over time and it is very similar to this right here. Something I have always been told is don’t let help technology make music use technology to help you make music. Computers making music takes the creative process and human nature of what music truly is.

  • Hi Caroline,
    Thank you for posting such an interesting topic for our class and added an actual sample of the topic. The idea that music can be created by a computer without any actual instruments, in my opinion, kind of defeats the whole purpose of the instrument. Having grown up playing the violin throughout my entire elementary, middle, and high school years I truly believe that music is something that should be well thought out and have the sentiment/emotion behind its notes. I feel AI can be used for better instances than creating music. While reading this article, I also thought back to one of my articles, about Amy Winehouse going on tour as a hologram. Imagine a world where artists who have passed away can create NEW music AND go on tour. That is shocking and it is quite crazy that we are so close to that as a reality.

  • Hi Caroline,
    I really enjoy reading your post and I think this a very interesting topic. I agree with you that it is strange since music will have no emotion if it is all created by AI. I believe AI can be a great tool for musicians in the future to create a unique and interesting sound that can not be created by humans.

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