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Social Media privacy invasion

Is private information of users on big time social media companies kept private?  Over the past couple of years, it has become hard to tell whether a company is using my private information to send me ads and get me to use the platform even more. In the terms and policy privacy of the social media company our private information is said to be kept private from ads and companies to use to their advantage. Facebook’s new technology portal is a great example of user information not kept private. The portal itself is not using private information but it is logging what is being done by users and this type of data can lead to invasive ads which users don’t want which shows that there is privacy breach. How much of our information are kept private?


4 Responses to Social Media privacy invasion

  • I feel like the whole debate on whether or not it is okay for social media platforms to gather personal data and profit off it, could be easily settled. If you do not want to give up personal “private” data do not post or use their platform to begin with. Facebook, Twitter, etc are able to sustain because they are essentially are huge unique data centers that have extensive data on the all the individuals that regularly use their platforms. They’re all business model and future depends on monetizing off user interaction on their platform, and if it didn’t they wouldn’t be nearly as large as they are now. It is interesting to see how these entities are viewed in Europe compared to the United States, with harsh regulations on data privacy in the EU. Ultimately, I feel we lose our right to protect our “privacy” when we use their platforms and can’t really blame companies trying to do so.

  • This is a very interesting topic that drives a lot of controversy between how people feel about their information being used and the reality of social media. Social media is an interesting concept independently because it’s basically a place to share whatever information you wish with the world and generally it’s personal. Therefore, a question that might be raised is that if you’re sharing this information publicly with your “friends” then why wouldn’t a company that let’s you use their application for free be able to use this information as well? Additionally, even if it makes us mad and we don’t want to, we all hit a little box on the terms and privacy of these platforms when we sign up for an account that gives them the right to do whatever they wish with our information. I do believe it’s getting a bit out of hand because I’ve had a physical conversation about something with someone and an add for whatever we discussed will be on my social media later that day. I do not like that our information is not kept private. However, I do realize we live in a very interconnected world where to truly stay safe from information being public you have to stay away from social media.Awesome topic, thanks for sharing!

  • Majority of social media platforms have similar business models in which they provide free services and use the users’ data and behavior to gain monetary value. Majority of these companies generate revenue off of selling ads and targeting users’ as per their behavior and preferences. The only way to go dark from them is to simply delete the accounts or by not signing up at first place. You can try measures like creating fake profiles if you are interested in the content on their platform but in the end, it will still sell ads based on your preferences on your fake profile name. the fake profile solution won’t help you escape the advertisement algorithm except the fact that they won’t have your real name they will, however, have your location and preferences of what makes you unique.

  • I feel as if this will be an ongoing topic for debate for a long time. Many social media users of Facebook and Twitter have had concerns of if there information is remaining private. I think if users sign up for social media they should expect some of their information may not remain private. I think when users make social media accounts they should try and include as little personal information as they possibly can. Cause some social media platforms you don’t even need an account to view, like twitter and instagram.

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