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Augmented Reality in the workplace

Many companies are focusing augmented reality on games and entertainment, but Spatial is finding ways on how everyday people can use AR for work places. Spatial had two components, one a remote that lets people feel like they’re face to face. Second, a knowledge toll and an infinite desktop that uses the room as a monitor. Spatial is used by putting on an AR headset to scan your environment and then you can share that environment with anyone to join. In this augmented reality you are able to see co-workers’ avatars and share documents, websites, and images. Having this advancement in technology, I think that augmented reality was always a vision for the future but was not attainable. Being able to experience this kind of technology rise and maybe even become a norm is astonishing. I do believe that there is many more years to improve this and AG/AR lays somewhere between innovation Trigger and Peak of Inflated Expectations. This kind of technology has so much potential and they’re just now starting use in the workplace for better collaboration.

Spatial raises $8 million to bring augmented reality to your office life

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  • This type of technology would be really useful for connecting teams who work remotely. Currently I’m working cybersecurity for Alexion in Connecticut while attending school in Philly. Being able to see the members and have times where if feels like we are all in the same room would be beneficial for communication. I could also see this technology being used for physical security demonstrations or meetings. Being able to visualize what you are talking about with augmented reality would be very useful. With how fast these technologies are developing, I am excited to see where we are within just five years. Maybe it will become more of a norm?

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