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Driverless hover-taxis to take off in Singapore

By next year there will be test flights of a driverless hover-taxi in Singapore to offer an escape from the chronic gridlock that millions of people deal with every day. Even though Singapore itself does not suffer major traffic, it is the perfect test-bed  due to its size and openness to innovation. Similar to a helicopter and based on drone technology, the air taxis will take off and land vertically. It is designed specifically for inner cities, is very quiet so it cannot be heard over typical noise of a city, and can withstand minor turbulence around skyscrapers, allowing for smooth rides. The air taxis will complement helicopter-hailing services which are already taking off in some cities to beat traffic jams.

4 Responses to Driverless hover-taxis to take off in Singapore

  • If this technology does get developed the world of transportation will take off to another level but will also cause many problem. This technology is created to solve a problem of traffic going on in this world right now but will there be traffic in the air when everyone gets this new technology? In the suburb area it would be a great source of transportation but in center city where there are huge buildings people will need to go around them but what if a hover car crash? This may seem like a great idea but has many risks that needs to be considered.

  • I agree with Chanyang, it sounds like an idea that may be the solution for decreasing traffic, but there is a lot to be considered. Can these air taxes land anywhere? How will air traffic be controlled now that taxis are added? Will this cause a problem with other air transportation such as helicopters. Im also curious who will be the people using these services because I would assume it costs a great deal of money. Personally, I still have trust issues with driverless cars, and now I cant image driverless hover taxis. It may be a while before people get comfortable. Regardless of the questions, it still seems pretty cool and I am interested to see the future of transportation.

  • I definitely like the idea of this technology being implemented. Similar to what Chan said, it would take transportation to another level. I think the idea of hover taxis would help consumers when they’re trying to travel from place to place with out having to worry about traffic. To implement this type of technology would take a significant about of planning. Similar to what Caroline said would it cause issues with air transportation and will it be completely safe.

  • It is crazy to imagine that this technology is here and ready for use. It has the potential to solve many traffic problems and other issues we as a ever growing society face. I think that this will be great test of this tech and will pave the way for future implementations.

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