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Anthony D. Coleman

Google and Levi’s smart jacket can now warn you if you’re about to leave your phone behind

Google and Levi’s are introducing a smart jacket that will help the user remember grabbing their smart phone before leaving the house. The way the jacket works is if your jacket is too far away from your phone, the jacket sleeve tag will blink and vibrate. The jacket also has other functions such Google Maps integration and support for ride sharing alerts. I like this idea a lot. I found myself in situations where I forgot my phone at my house. If I had this jacket, I would completely avoid situations like this.

Microsoft Is Moving To A Chrome Browser

Microsoft is currently developing their own Chromium browser to replace Microsoft Edge. Microsoft introduced Edge in 2015 as a successor to Edge, as well as competition for Chrome and Firefox. I found this interesting because Windows 10 tries to push Edge on you somewhat aggressively. Anytime you try to switch your browser to something else a prompt appears “Are you sure you want to switch from Edge”. If you search Google Chrome in the Edge browser, statistics come up that try to convince you not to switch over. I was just surprised by this because Microsoft invested so much into Edge. photo

An Influx Of New Tech Is Changing How We See & Act On Pollution

Pollution effects our society tremendously. Whether it be air pollution, light pollution, water pollution. Companies are now developing products for cars to help monitor and collect data about the environment around them. Clarity, PurpleAit, and PlumeLabs have stationery and mobile monitors that consumers can purchase for less than $300. I think this would be great to implement products like these, it would definitely increase the awareness of pollution and help mitigate it.