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Jacqueline Henry

Google Assistant impersonates human


Soon technology will blend further into our human interactions to the point that we won’t be able to tell the difference between AI and a human. Google is on the forefront of this. They announced a new capability for the Google assistant that can book appointments for you. This may include the assistant calling the business and impersonating a human. This technology is what they are calling Google Duplex, which combines “all our investments over the years in natural language understanding, deep learning and text-to-speech,”. They are rolling this out slowly, as an experiment. This will change us socially because now we won’t even have to call to book anything. We also may not realize we are talking to a computer.



Flying Cars are Coming!


Flying cars will no longer by science fiction! For those of you who are Casey Neistat fans you may have already seen the video, but if not please watch it!

Big companies such as Airbus and Uber are trying to make flying cars using drone style technology. However, they are having issues with how to power and regulate these machines.

Starting with how to power them, they are not using gas, but instead are using batteries. Yet battery technology has not caught up with this idea yet, so engineers are still trying to figure out how to power these more efficiently. Flying takes more energy than driving.

There’s also the concern that an accident in one of these could take down an entire building. The Federal Aviation Administration will be heavily regulating flying cars, as they did with personal drones.

So these businesses betting on flying cars are taking huge risks, mainly because the FAA may put so many regulations on them that they will not be able to return a profit.

Kitty Hawk has some momentum behind them however, they have Sebastian Thrun. Sebastian ran Google’s street mapping and self-driving car projects. He will be overseeing the flying car engineers. The owner of Kitty Hawk is also Google’s founder: Larry Page. There’s also more than 19 companies working on personal flying cars, so the competition is stiff and the race has begun.



Univar buys out Nexeo in Strategic Merger

Univor is a company that distributes chemicals and ingredients, while Nexeo is specialized in plastic production and distribution. In a strategic alignment move, Univor bought out Nexeo’s stock. They plan to keep Nexeo’s operations separate from Univor’s, allowing them to stay under their same management. However the strategy behind the buy out is to use Nexeo’s financial systems and central ERP to complete their digital transformation for reducing costs. Univar’s strengths are e-commerce, however they are still behind in creating a unified real-time IT environment. Therefore this buyout is to accelerate their process by buying a similar company with an already in use ERP system.