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Stephen Huh

Augmented Reality in the workplace

Many companies are focusing augmented reality on games and entertainment, but Spatial is finding ways on how everyday people can use AR for work places. Spatial had two components, one a remote that lets people feel like they’re face to face. Second, a knowledge toll and an infinite desktop that uses the room as a monitor. Spatial is used by putting on an AR headset to scan your environment and then you can share that environment with anyone to join. In this augmented reality you are able to see co-workers’ avatars and share documents, websites, and images. Having this advancement in technology, I think that augmented reality was always a vision for the future but was not attainable. Being able to experience this kind of technology rise and maybe even become a norm is astonishing. I do believe that there is many more years to improve this and AG/AR lays somewhere between innovation Trigger and Peak of Inflated Expectations. This kind of technology has so much potential and they’re just now starting use in the workplace for better collaboration.

Spatial raises $8 million to bring augmented reality to your office life

Cyber Bullying on Instagram

instagram photoHaving social media platforms exist it will always come with negative repercussions. Instagram still deals with harassment on their platforms and they’ve announced that they will be using machine learning to minimize these kinds of bullying. Instagrams purpose in their business is to share and bring joy in sharing. Their hope is to use machine learning to report possible bullying because people usually don’t report when they see it. Research from anti-bullying reported that Instagram was ranked number one social network for cyberbullying.

With a topic, so complex and complicated can technology help get rid of these kinds of behavior from their platform? Can the algorithms learn to pick up on human interaction accurately? Using machine learning their cost of technology will increase and how will implementing it benefit the company? Running these types of technology will cost the company to maintain and integrate a good amount of money. Is it necessary for Instagram to use these kinds of technology?

Emerging Tech Will Create More Jobs 2022?

robotics photo

As technology get more advanced, people start to worry that jobs will be lost, and they will be replaced. In the recent years AI and robotics have been popular in businesses and technology. The article says, 75 million jobs will be lost by 2022 by these new technologies, but 133 million jobs will also be created ( Companies create systems to make processes easier and efficient, trying to take out the bottleneck. So, how will these new technologies create new jobs? The advancement in technology will force new skills to be acquired by the workforce. Some growing skills include analytical thinking, active learning, creativity and declining skills include manual dexterity, memory and spatial abilities, and management of material resources. By 2022, the tasks performed by humans will be 58% and machines will be 42%. This type of automation might hurt the employees and will change the key business processes. IT was created to serve the organizations but is IT going so far that it might hurt the organizations?