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Augmented Reality in Classrooms

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Augmented reality is beginning to enter classrooms with glasses, called Lumilo that are powered by an app that works with “cognitive tutor” programs. The glasses are to be worn by teachers which give them the ability to see student feedback (without actual communication) as they work on assignments. To illustrate how Lumilo works, students may be working on math problems, and through the glasses the teacher can see smiley faces, question marks, or Zzzzs floating above students’ heads. The icons above the heads may tell who is on track, confused, or not paying attention. The teacher can tap the air in front to pop open a view of a student’s computer or see the percentage of students who mastered the given topic giving the cue to move on to the next topic or help the students with the confused icons.

I defiantly see success with this innovative technology as you have analytics appear in the air in front of you.  It is interesting to see how well teachers will accept and use this new technology in the classrooms especially older teachers, and if students will see a boost to their grades.

How else do you see augmented reality integrated into the classroom, or other aspects of everyday life?