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quantum computers

Race of Quantum Computers

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Quantum computers are super computers capable of solving extremely complex problems. Companies like IBM, Google, and Microsoft are leading this race, yet no one can agree on what is the best method of creating one. A normal computer would use bits, but quantum computers use qubits and can combine two-qubits to a two-qubit computer to exponentially increase the computer power. As complicating as it may sound, these qubits can affect the other without directly coming into contact and this allows for computers to make logical conclusions far ahead of any other computer. One of the biggest hurdles is stability. Qubits are extremely unstable and can be blocked by noise or other forms of energy. If we came to a time where we were able to stabilize qubits, and learn the optimal way to make a quantum computer, what do you think we as a human race should use it for first? What do you think is the most realistic? Quantum computers could help solve cryptography, design new materials, and even find new medicines and ways to help cure people of illnesses.