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Thinking Beyond ERP

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It seems that in every one of my business and IT classes, the acronyms ERP and CRM are being talked about left and right. Yes, the organizational structures are essential for running an efficient, integrated organization, but what if we think beyond those systems or how we can make them better? ERP does not focus around business intelligence [BI], a delightful and meaningful user experience, or drive a connected communication platform. BI is the propeller behind strategic planning and enables for in-depth analyses with the purpose of generating innovative information. It makes organizations more agile and allows for forecasting. It could essentially be aligned with the data from ERP to drive the analyses. Additionally, ERP has difficulty creating a great, meaningful user experience and that creates obstacles and frustration for businesses. What is stopping them from a great UX?

As ERP is centered around operational processes, can ERP be built for high level analysis along with a great user experience?