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Tesla helps build world’s biggest “virtual power plant”

Tesla already put together the world’s largest lithium battery in Australia now it’s trying for another record. South Australia plans to equip 50,000 homes with solar panels and Tesla battery storage units, connecting them to a grid to create a “virtual power plant.” Virtual power plants obtain energy from multiple energy sources which helps South Australia because they need need a reliable source of energy from frequent power outages and shortages. The system will be able to monitor data from the network or solar panels and batteries in order to provide reliable energy. The project is set to take 4 years and once it is completed it will help South Australia’s 1.7 million residents who suffer from power outages.

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  • Shane,

    The concept of powering 50,000 homes with naturally generated power is amazing and opens the window to many possibilities. If the virtual power plant is successful, then the concept can be applied throughout the world in various scenarios. Non-renewable resources and dangerous forms of power can be a thing of the past, offering the everyday person clean, cheap power. The virtual power plant can also be implemented in third world countries where power was once thought not possible. This would be life changing for those without lights, heat, or technology, such as electronic medical equipment. The world and it’s people need a clean energy source, that can be distributed throughout every community. Tesla’ s virtual power plant may be the ultimate solution.

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