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Japan’s Robot Run Hotel

Japan’s robot hotel, Henna Na, has 140 robots instead of your traditional hotel staff to cater to your needs; from checking in to cleaning and vacuuming robots are the key employees in this robot run hotel. Although the robots have been known to have slight problems from time to time the fact that Henn na opened in 2015 combined with the rapid growth of technology  (Ahem, Sophia – the worlds first robot citizen) makes you wonder what the future of the hospitality industry will look like. Hideo Sawada, the CEO of H.I.S. the travel company that owns the Henn na hotel chain plans to open up six new locations by the end of this fiscal year, 2018 and claims that the robots cut costs and improve efficiency.

With technology improving so quickly how soon will it be until robot run hotels become the standard? Would you trust a robot run hotel, and if not what problems do you think could arise because of this; are humans more efficient in the hospitality industry?

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  • Hello Alisa.

    I find the topic of replacing human employees with robots interesting, but also very controversial. Your questions focus on how long it will be until the hospitality industry is fully autonomous, and while I find these questions thought provoking, I believe we could take it a step further. Should all manual labor employees with step-repetitive jobs fear of being replaced by robots in the near future? Using the knowledge learned from your post, I believe that in the near future robots will become a standard in many industries, replacing human employees. The implementation of robotic units will reduce costs in areas such as hourly wages, benefits, turnovers, etc. The future of manual labor is robotics, and this should have the working man/woman worried.

  • I think This is the trend, robots had already replaced human in some areas of heavy industry, like car manufacturing and mining. Unlike human, robots can provide 24 hours services without any welfare and compensations. The only thing they need is electricity. Now the industrial robots can do some rough and simple works, like electric welding. As the technology developing, the robots will be more accurate and intelligent. I think we should not fear losing jobs, like past three industrial revolutions, yeah, many people at that time lost their jobs but that was in short term. The revolutions will change the requirements for workers, and new industries will create much more jobs. Meanwhile, industrial upgrading will also free human from dirty and dangerous industries.

  • The idea of robot run hotels is very interesting. It is interesting in that consumers put their trust in them as well as the idea they will do a better job then humans. The hospitality industry, especially hotels is usually pretty private so to have robots be at every corner can become invasive, being that they hold many capabilities. I believe that this trend is unnecessary. I think humans in this industry play a key role being and provide an emotional benefit that consumers enjoy. The robots in this hotel are very life like, I believe that if they looked more like machines and only dealt with simpler tasks, this trend would seem less invasive and creepy. I feel like it would not be long until robots become the standard though. This is a very popular trend and i believe it is only going to becoming bigger from here.

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