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Internet of Things(IoT) and its impacts

Internet of Things has been a hot topic in these years. It sounds like a high-end technology with little relationships with us, but it is actually going to impact how we live and how we work. What is Internet of Things? Basically, it is a giant network of connecting “things”, such as cellphones, coffee makers, cars, washing machines and even people. These connections will achieve automation and efficiency. For example, when your alarm clock wakes you up, the coffee makers will automatically start to brew coffee for you. This means everything will be ready for you and it will help you save time and save energy to manage all information. When it applies to workplaces, you can check emails, get directions to the next meeting and get notifications of office equipment running low in real time. IoT makes your life and your work intelligent.

While with these benefits, IoT has security issue, “what if my phone got hacked and someone can get access to my entire network?” There is a new report coming out saying that blockchain will help solve the security problem and will support IoT along the way to achieve business transaction efficiency. Blockchain is built for decentralize control, it can provide a secure and coordinated environment of tracking activities and it can permanently record the transactions and make them available in the blockchain network. When IoT coupled with blockchain, security is no longer a challenge, and this will be a new level of tech combination.

Do you think IoT is/will be changing your life or work? What’s the future of BoT? Will you trust IoT and will you buy the IoT products?

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2 Responses to Internet of Things(IoT) and its impacts

  • I definitely think that IoT will start to become a greater part of our lives and change how we do things. It’s crazy the number of devices that around now starting to connect to network or WiFi in comparison to just 5 to 10 years ago. Major household appliances are now becoming smart appliances and are able to connect to WiFi e.g. Fridge, Water Heater, Stove, Washer/Dryer. Even the buttons of Amazon that allow you to quickly reorder commonly use items e.g. detergent or food. Everything that is around us is becoming network capable and able to make our lives easier. The other question around all this is maintaining security and governance of having all these devices on the network and have so much control.

  • Yu, this is a very interesting post and has certainly been trending in the tech industry for some time. For one, I know the effects of IoT as my home is fully equipped with smart appliances and connected through our house wifi. I can control lighting in nearly room through my smartphone, order laundry detergent through an Amazon Dash button, and ask my Amazon device for the day’s weather simply by saying Alexa’s name. These devices are clearly making our lives more convenient, but at some point I am concerned that individuals will become too reliant on them and avoid/forget how to do simple everyday tasks. Also, the security component of IoT mentioned in your post provided an interesting perspective that had not previously crossed my mind. I think implementing blockchain in these systems could certainly be beneficial and eliminate any security/privacy concerns that users face.

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