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Post 2: Virtual Reality Limitless

Virtual Reality has made long strides in all different segments such as entertainment, sports, and education. This type of technology is making advancements quickly. It has helped athletes, such as skier Laurenne Ross, identify injuries and train even when away from the mountain. Ross believed that her daily eight hours of physiotherapy sessions in virtual reality were invaluable to her healing process. Virtual Reality has been used in education as well. There are programs that have been used to help tutor blinded individuals with walking sticks to cross the road. “A ‘canetroller’ can help individuals familiarize themselves with new environments in safe, virtual spaces.” Virtual Reality’s role in entertainment has been limitless as well. Sony has released new games for PlayStation that use VR and quarterly figures for VR headsets have been high.

In Management Information Systems 4596, we constantly talk about technology’s role, whether that is business or in society. Virtual Reality has presented an interesting opportunity to improve the standard of living and increase the quality of life. Whether that is in sports, entertainment, or education Virtual Reality has played an integral role in changing the life of individuals. Do you agree that Virtual Reality has key benefits that improve life or do you think that this technology is morphing our existence too much?


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5 Responses to Post 2: Virtual Reality Limitless

  • Hi Claudine,

    I enjoyed this summary on VR. In my opinion, VR can be used leisurely as an enjoyable experience, but can also be very beneficial as you stated, for example rehabilitation purposes. I wouldn’t say that technology is morphing our existence too much, as long as it is done at a moderate pace. There is no doubt that technology is changing our lives, and everything has its limitations. I believe if we gradually transition into these new changes instead of transitioning too quickly, we will be able to appreciate the benefits of the advancements in technology without feeling like it is shifting our ‘human existence’.

  • I think the VR is still in the beginning level, it does able to do some training, like driver’s rood training. Meanwhile, the VR required a host (Sony PlayStation or PC) to run programs. And the VR glass is too big and uncomfortable that people cannot use as convenient as normal glass. in addition, VR is not accurate, users have to coordinate position manually, like Sony PlayStation. Therefore, The VR systems need to be progressing in industrial designing and software. I think the VR has a big future in entertainments, architecture, psychology and so on.

  • Hi, Claudine
    I am so excited about how VR be able to change our lives, and I agree that VR can be limitless.
    VR can combine other existing software and be very powerful. For example, If google maps can combine VR in, we can travel/see all around the world without actual go out.
    Besides entertainment, VR can also improve the efficiency of education, meeting, etc. People can take foreign countries classes without physically go there. People can also use VR to do group meeting or project meeting by seeing each others’ digital living images instead of Webex/ skype.
    On the other hand, the world of VR has potential to island people because people may become more addictive to the digital world without all of these going out with friends and families. The question is how can we keep a right balance.

  • I agree with Claudine’s initial post and the comments above. I agree that Virtual Reality is a technology that has key benefits that improve life as we can see with all the examples stated as VR has played a key role in impacting different aspects of life. I find VR very interesting because as a sports fan I’ve noticed professional sports teams are using it more frequently especially with their recruitment process of players. Recently, the Chicago Cubs tried to sign a player coming over from Japan, and the player not knowing anything about the American or Chicago lifestyle they used VR to show him how he would settle in the city. They gave him a tour of the city, stadium, and basically how his life would be as a member of the team and city. I believe this is a great example of how VR can change reality for a moment and improve life to particular individuals.

  • Hi Claudine,
    I think VR is going to be the future in both entertainment and in finding the ways to better the lives of individuals. During a meeting I attended last year with the SVP of Business Technology at Pfizer, Jeff Hamilton, he was saying how VR is the playing a huge role in a lot of the projects Pfizer has/will been working on. His examples included retrain a patients body’s natural mobility and dealing with kinds of therapy. I agree that Virtual Reality has many key benefits that can improve life especially those that deal with the disabled such as example you stated dealing with blindness. I do though can see technology morphing our existence, this mainly being seen in the entertainment industry. I can see it taking us further from actual human interactions and having us desensitized to the real world.

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