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Is there still room for “dumb stuff”?

With technology growing at it’s rapid pace and more people adopting it can analog items such as simple alarm clocks or watches keep their place in peoples lives? Technological equipment allows for users to interconnect everything in their lives i.e. Alexa can be used to turn on the lights in your house or things such as the Apple watch allows for many different kinds of functionality compared to a regular watch but many people still choose to use traditional items, for example with the apple watch it “wakes up” when the user tilts their wrist (allowing for maximum battery life efficiency) but many times users simply want to know the time without a wrist tilt; thus resulting in the usage of a traditional watch.

Do you think that one day technology will replace all traditional items i.e. watches or do you think there will always be a draw to simple, non-interconnected items?

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  • Hello Alisa,

    I really enjoyed your post. I believe there will always being a market for traditional goods due to consumer tastes and the difference between older and younger generation in their technology capacity. Sure these smart items due the same job, but they also give users more features and ease of use in many circumstances. Traditional items will remain in use in the future due to certain people’s desire for that usability. Another example of this is a fireplace. Many homes have electronic fireplaces now or none at all with heatings. But certain people with stick with the old fashion fireplace for money purposes, and their outlook on such an object.

  • I think the technology cannot replace all traditional items. because there is one thing lay behind the traditional items, it’s culture. for example, we can make tons of chief knives in one minute with today’s technology, however, many people still prefer a chief knife which is handcrafted in traditional ways. I think the technology did not replace traditional items, technology just provides more choices for humans, and humans will evaluate which one is better fit to them.

  • Hi Alissa,

    I think you raise a good point in questioning if there will still be room for this traditional goods. I would have to agree with my fellow classmates above in saying that there will always be room for these traditional items. I believe that no matter how much technology advances and how excited us tech-savvy people may be about it, the majority of the world may just want things to be as they are and are not looking forward to these changes the way innovators are. Technology can only replace something if it has no value, so if these traditional items hold value, they cannot be replaced.

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