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Paying with Your Face

There is technology available now in China that authorizes payments, provide access to facilities and tracks down criminals. The AI described is the Chinese startup titled “Face++“. This AI is so effective for image recognition because “it makes a computer zero in on the facial features that will most reliably identify a person”. According to the article, security is very important in China and they believe this facial recognition technology can be a very efficient to not only make purchases, but protect humans as well.

Do you guys think its a possibility that facial recognition can become the new norm here in America and would you feel safe knowing that this is the norm? Why? Why not?

I feel like we as a society are already on our way there. With Apple implementing face recognition on the iPhone X, it is only a matter of time for its majority users to buy into the trend which will eventually make it common among everyone. Also, with cryptocurrency on the rise, there eventually would be no need to bring a wallet. What would be a better currency/ID than a scan of your own face? Thoughts?



3 Responses to Paying with Your Face

  • Hi Malik:
    This is an interesting topic. I do think it is a good idea based on a good security foundation. I believe I experienced something similar. I opened an online store not long ago, and I identified myself by uploading a photo of my ID and scanning my face (blinking and nodding in front of my cell phone camera). It was so convenient. With credit card stealing examples, scanning face does sound like a better idea. However, one problem is that s people some people have plastic surgeries. I think scanning face does need a good design system and process to run.

  • Hey Malik:
    The your post is very insightful and gave me a different perspective on facial recognition. I agree that this technology will one day be a norm in our society, however I do not believe that will happen for some time. The technology is still very new. The iPhone X has been met with a lack of sales, and therefore the technology has only been introduced to a slim majority of the population. I believe as currency becomes more digitalized, facial recognition technology will play a larger role protecting the access to a person’s cryptocurrency.

  • Hi, Malik
    This was a topic I want to talk about. It is very cool to use face recognition technology to identity a person, though i know now the technology is not mature and might running into mistakes. But this is a very good solution to detect crimes and prevent cheating. I will feel safer if my credit cards require face recognition to process and my font door needs face recognition to enter. I think it will become a new norm because our society needs something to balance and to regular, thereby can guarantee everyone a secure private life.

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