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Tailoring Drugs To Your DNA

Sequencing a human genome is taking a sample of a person’s full set of DNA, including his/her genes. Back in 2003, sequencing costed around $400 million to perform, now it’s less than $1,000 and falling. If Genome sequencing becomes routine on newborns and the information is kept on file, the the healthcare system as we know it will change forever. Every person processes a drug uniquely, even if they are the same height, weight, age, gender, ethnicity, etc. The technology of Genome sequencing will allow pharmacists to alter a drug specifically for each individual. These person-specific drugs will disrupt the current model of the “one size fits all” pharmaceutical industry. In the near future your routine medications will work more efficiently and life saving drugs will have a higher success rate.






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  • I think this is a very interesting concept and could potentially be a game changer for the Pharma industry. Comparing this drug to working out or a set diet, two people with the same height and weight may not necessarily have the same workout regime or diet due to many other factors. I think tailoring drugs to a persons DNA would really be a huge leap forward in medicine. A concern would be how accurate this would be and would there be any negative consequences / negative physical reactions from these drugs – how would you still make it so that the drug is regulated if they are tailored to individuals.

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