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The New Lost and Found

New technology will be able to track all of your items not just electronics in case of misplacement. Ping GPS was created by Josh Lippiner after he could not find his daughter during a game of hide and seek. Ping GPS is a small device that you could attach to your child’s shoes or your wallet. Other companies are trying to adopt this technology into their products as well. This tracking technology could be in your keys, luggage, glasses and any other item.
Would you want all of your items to be tracked online? Do you find this item useful or a breach of privacy? Do you think other companies or the government be able to access this information?

6 Responses to The New Lost and Found

  • I don’t mind common items such as keys, glasses, and others being tracked online because I lose those items frequently and it would be useful to track them just like I can track my iPhone if I lose it. If the technology used to to track your items is a small device just like Ping GPS uses then I have no problem with it, however, if a company uses a chip that has to be inserted into a human as a tracking device then I believe that is a breach of privacy.

  • I agree with Shane. It could be very helpful to attach to certain items that you want to keep track of or ensure that it stays in a certain location. I would love to attach it to my wallet or keys as well. I don’t think it’s a preach of privacy if you apply it yourself. The problem though, is that online there is a location code that tracks exactly where my wallet is. Which could definitely pose a major threat. So, I guess I am not so sure after thinking of that side of the story.

  • I love this idea because I spend so much time to find my glasses and keys just in general. However, I do not think it would work so well for me if it will be a phone software because I can not find my phone frequently. Actually, I lose my phone more times than keys and wallets. Also, the security issue is very critical. if the system is hacked by someone, the information of children locations would be exposed, and that is so dangerous. I certainly do not suggest people put this device in children’s shoes and clothes.

  • I think it is a good idea to track like keys and glasses. like a function in apple devices, called “Find My iPhone, iPad…”. I think it will help a lot of people who lost their keys or glasses frequently. in addition, I think it is no problem in privacy, if only your devices are able to track your staffs.

  • This is a very interesting piece of technology. One that I feel can become very controversial, as is most things that have to do with technology. For small children i can totally see the benefit, this would very much help in tracking down your children if they go missing, same with important items such as your wallet or phone. I can see though this technology being abused, say if someone where to connect it to a person without their consent. This could lead to serious problems. I would very much be interested in tracking my items online, recently I was at an airport and I can see this idea being used with luggage. I feel like other companies / government should not have use of this technology, that i should mainly be for personal use

  • Hi Jane,
    Great post! I think that this technology could cause security issues if it is used or monitored without a person’s knowledge. I think that it is an efficient way to track things, such as keys or your phone but I do not think it is an efficient device to track people. What if the device is placed on a child’s shoe and they take off their shoes at the park? Moreover, I do not think that the government should have access to this information without an individual’s consent or a parent’s/guardian’s consent.

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